In the goriest rappers of all-time, few have had the shock value, but no one has had the consistency or longevity of Brotha Lynch Hung. The Sacramento, California emcee has been aborting fetuses, devouring human flesh and decapitating competition since 1994’s 24 Deep. Thirteen years later, the fully-independent cult hero says that selling 100,000 copies of his material within three months is no problem.

Although he can be downright gruesome on the album, the now father of a 17-year-old avoids so much as cursing in an interview with HipHopDX. In celebration of Halloween, the Siccmade star describes his upcoming farewell trilogy, his segue in screenwriting and even what Brotha Lynch ‘Young’ dressed up as for the holiday in his gory days.

HipHopDX: People associate you with a style that you