Live dates by Queensbridge rapper Nas are few and far between, especially for those living outside of the United States. Having cancelled several dates for 2004, Nas fans arrived in their droves to see the ‘Streets’ Disciple’ on the night of March 21st, when he performed at London’s Brixton Academy.

However, the final date in Nas’ 2005 UK tour was overshadowed by gunshots fired inside the venue, causing hundreds of people to run screaming from the auditorium.

Prior to the shooting, Nasir Jones had given a very promising performance to his adoring fans, taking us back to the mid-90s with cuts from his classic ‘Illmatic’ LP, such as ‘Life’s A Bitch’, ‘Represent’, ‘The World Is Yours’ and the moving ‘One Love’.

QB’s finest also brought things up to date, with a rowdy performance of ‘Got Yourself A Gun’ and the more recent, ‘Thief’s Theme’, for which he brought on Rising Son, the winner of a Sony/Columbia competition for an artist to feature on the UK version of the single.

Other classic songs, like ‘It Ain’t Hard To Tell’, ‘The Message’ and ‘If I Ruled The World’ were shown equal amounts of love from the London crowd, and as the lyrical mastermind danced to the beats from his latest ‘Streets Disciple’ album, he was greeted by chants of