Southern born and bred, the influences of the south remain fully intact with this recently relocated country hustler. Staying on your grind and having constant persistence will prevail through all. Charlamagne the God, current assistant to controversial radio personality Wendy Williams, proves that staying true to yourself will always be best regardless of the controversy.

Some say he’s crass, insensitive and annoying when speaking his mind, he seems to think differently. In the end does it really matter what everyone thinks? With the hysterical stab he took at rapper Chingy, to the allegations made by assistant Nicole Spence against Wendy Williams‘ husband Kevin, Charlamagne still manages to stay on top of his game at the only black-owned radio station going. With many years deep in the game he’s still pushing buttons of listeners and station directors alike and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

HipHopDX: Do you feel that you will be the next to take reign as a controversial force in the radio community as Wendy Williams is doing now?

Charlamagne the God: Definitely, I’m next. I am the future. I been saying I am the future since 2001 to 2002 ya know. Wendy [Williams] obviously saw something in me to say, “You know what I think that kid is big.” That’s why she got me out here from South Carolina. Me, side by side with her, ya know, she’s teaching me the ropes on the next level, because I been doing this for years. I was doing radio in South Carolina. I’ve had my own show, Charlamagne the God: Concrete Jungle, in South Carolina. That’s where she heard me. So I’m definitely next.

DX: Do you truly not care what others think about you, particularly the listeners to the show?

Charlamagne: Not at all. No, no, no