If you open the jacket to Freddie Foxxx‘s just-released/long-shelved 1994 album Crazy Like A Foxxx, you won’t see production credits or liner notes. Instead, in the same handwritten font he’s always used, you’ll see inspirational quotes. These aren’t the kind of words that are found on peel-away calendars or in fortune cookies, but time and strength-tested street wisdom.

These could be the kind of messages that one pastes to the walls of their college dormitory, or the walls of their jail cell. In fact Freddie Foxxx is nothing but time and strength-tested street wisdom, speaking to both sides of that pendulum. After 19 years of releasing albums, several disenchanting record deals, Foxxx, later as Bumpy Knuckles, embraced a role as underground rap superstar, making critically-acclaimed and commercially successful albums, without radio play or major-label backing.

Talking to HipHopDX about spirituality, his evolution as a songwriter, giving back to prison inmates and his oft underplayed production sensibilities, Freddie Foxxx‘s wisdom unfolds as a true, living and thriving testament to one of those quotes he’s lived by – “Beware of the fury of a patient man.” Respected for his raps, known for his knuckle-game, it is time to praise this emcee’s patience.

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HipHopDX: In the insert to Crazy Like A Foxxx, you have a number of inspirational quotes.