It’s hard enough to keep up with the nine original members of the Wu-Tang Clan and their Gambino
aliases. But what happens when, after finally getting a beat on those
18 characters, the clansmen start entering chambers that you didn’t
even know existed? Think of it as W.E.B. DuBois‘ famous quote about “two warring ideas in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder,” with a Shaolin twist.

Take RZA, for instance. He was perfectly happy, chilling in his
multi-million dollar home when the call came. Technically, the actual
phone call to record another Bobby Digital album probably came from someone at Koch Records. But, the more you hear him talk about his varied interests, the more likely it is that some inner call to rhyme came from Robert Diggs, The Abbot or even Bobby Digital himself. Even with all of his accolades and the money that comes with them, RZA
still sounds like he’s in search of his true calling. Even if he
doesn’t reconcile all of the different aspects of his personality which
battle within him on his Digi Snax album, it’s going to be entertaining to listen to him try.

HipHopDX: Back in 1999, you said the Bobby Digital persona created
too much of a contradiction inside you. Did you change your mind, or is
this side of you like a werewolf during a full moon that needs to be
let out every couple years?



RZA: [Laughs] You could say that in one way. This one came about from two different methods actually. First, the people over at Koch came to me and were like,