On his 2004 album What’s Wrong With Ill Bill, the Brooklyn emcee/producer had a song “Porno Director.” While the actual credits might go to his brother Necro who produced and directed 2003’s Sexy Sluts: Been There Done That, Ill Bill has openly rhymed about pornography in his music before the Internet supplied the libido and long before Mary Carey ran for governor of California.

With starlets appearing in Ill Bill and Non-Phixion inserts and website photo galleries for the last decade, there haven’t been as many porn-friendly folks in Hip Hop. He’s endorsed actresses like Ashley Blue and Avena Lee while maintaining close friendships with legendary directors like Joey Silvera and Jules Jordan. Now a happily-married father, Ill Bill has little problem keeping it 100 with HipHopDX about his views on the correlation between Hip Hop and porn industries, with educated opinions – and quite a few laughs.

With March’s long-awaited Hour of Reprisal sporting production from Bill, DJ Muggs, T-Ray and now DJ Premier, the veteran emcee’s rep grows bigger as one of the most powerful political voices in the culture, with goon squads in every city, and amidst book-smarts, sneaker trivia and sports, Ill Bill doesn’t mind sharing wisdom on porn too.

HipHopDX: Do you think that Hip Hop and pornography are both forms of escapism?

Ill Bill: Oh, definitely. It