Korean-American hip hop superstar Jay Park makes his return with a surprise track and music video for “Bite.”

“Bite” serves as Jay Park’s testament to his success and being on top, rapping lines like “My life is a masterpiece / Da Vinci like it’s my mindset,” as well as inspiring others to have a positive outlook in life (“Look at life through the windshield / Not the rearview mirror”).

The accompanying music video is fully animated with psychedelic visuals, with the rapper’s character surrounded in mists of vibrant colors and a dog driving a convertible.

Earlier this year, he tweeted that he wanted to focus on more solo releases, saying, “In the last two years I think I did like 80 fts [features] but only put out like 7 songs under my name lol. I owe myself and my fans at least 1-2 more good albums. I’m just too much of a man of the people sometimes I put my own career on hold. This year gon’ be crazy. Trust.”

He also previously released a short statement in commemoration of National Liberation Day of Korea last August 15, saying: “…This country has a long, deep, painful history turned tragedy to triumph by hard work, determination, and never ending grit ‘han’ […] The world knows us for entertainment, music, and film. They will know our story soon as well.”

Watch the music video for “Bite” here: