Jay Park revisits retirement rumors, shares his thoughts on fame. fellow K-Pop idols Big Bang, and dispenses life advice in an impromptu #AskJayPark session on Twitter today, January 25.

The Korean-American rapper, producer, singer, and songwriter recently made headlines after announcing that he was stepping down as CEO of AOMG and H1GHR Music. Since then, he has deactivated his Instagram account and has only remained active on Twitter and Facebook.

Jay Park Steps Down As CEO Of AOMG And H1GHR MUSIC, Hints At Retirement

Throughout the #AskJayPark series, fans asked the singer about his opinions on topics ranging from Big Bang, to previously being a K-pop idol, and his advice for business owners beginning their journey. Park made his debut in 2008 as the leader of the famed boy group 2PM and left the group to pursue his solo career in 2009.

In one tweet, a fan asked: “I can’t really see my future on my career path. How do I stay motivated and not being demotivated by all successful people around me?” to which the artist answered, “Dont ever compare yourself with others. Everyone has their own life and their own pace. Just work hard and enjoy the process and pieces will fall into place.”

Upon his deactivation of Instagram early in the year, fans were worried about the artist’s early retirement. Related to this, a fan asked, “I reckon a lot of people are hesitant to see you retiring and things like that because they’re unsure what it means for us as fans. So if you do retire, what will that look like from a fan’s perspective?” with him answering: “Not retiring yet. In the last two years I think I did like 80 fts [features] but only put out like 7 songs under my name lol. I owe myself and my fans at least 1-2 more good albums. I’m just too much of a man of the people sometimes I put my own career on hold. This year gon’ be crazy. Trust.”

Jay Park Reportedly To Establish A New Label To Launch K-Pop Group

Check out his most notable replies below: