“Bulan” is almost here! 

Filipino singer-songwriter FELIP continues to tease fans with his upcoming single, “Bulan.” The artist–also known as Ken from SB19–shared a teaser for the visual today, May 25. 

The single and its music video were originally slated for release on May 15 and 16 respectively but was rescheduled due to what the singer dubbed as “a historic event that will shape our future,” alluding to the aftermath of the Philippines national and local elections, which took place on May 9. The music video for “Bulan” is slated to premiere on May 28, followed by the track release on the following day. 

In promotional materials, the singer makes use of celestial-themed elements, referencing the track’s themes and the title itself: “bulan” is the Visayan word for “moon.” FELIP has also shared snippets of the tracks on Twitter, with one line going: “O Haliya, ibukas ang mata / Huwag magpa-api sa Bakunawa” (O Haliya, open your eyes / Don’t submit yourself to the Bakunawa). This line further hints at Philippine mythology references: Haliya is known as the masked goddess of moonlight who killed the dragon-like monster Bakunawa which is believed to be the cause of eclipses, earthquakes, rains, and wind. 

According to myths, Haliya and Bakunawa are sworn enemies as Bakunawa is restless in his hunger for the moon. In other versions, there were originally seven moons in the sky, and Haliya was one of them alongside her siblings. While captivated by the moons’ beauty, Bakunawa rose from the ocean and devoured them all except for Haliya who has now sworn vengeance against the monster. This rich mythology seems to be built upon in FELIP’s upcoming single, building upon the attention to detail and craftsmanship fans were treated to in his debut single. 

This is FELIP’s first solo single of 2022. Last year, he made his solo debut with the R&B-inspired single “Palayo” (Farther), which landed on HipHopDX Asia’s “20 Best Songs of 2021.”We wrote, “’Palayo’ illuminates a love that has exhausted its limits, pushing no further than what has already been done. It’s always invigorating to witness our favorite artists reinvent themselves through vastly different sounds, bodies of work, and aesthetics. It almost feels intimate, as if, by some trick of fate, we’ve been indicted into a web of secrecy that makes us feel special and chosen.

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Watch the “Bulan” music video teaser below: