A new PARADISE RISING project arrives next week! 88Rising’s year-old Philippine offshoot is due to release the sequel to semilucent, its maiden EP from 2020. 

Its official Twitter account broke the news yesterday, which includes the fresh slate of participating artists for semilucent 2, featuring Filipino R&B singers Steven Peregrina and daze, rapper Curtismith, Filipino-Canadian R&B duo Manila Grey, Filipino-American artist Christian Alexander, and Filipino-American producer Manila Killa with a collaboration with Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna.

The 5-track EP will be available on October 4.

The first installment of semilucent featured Jason Dhakal, Massiah, Fern., Kiana V, Moophs, and Leila Alcasid.

In other PARADISE RISING news, signee Ylona Garcia recently shared “Don’t Go Changing.”

Revisit semilucent below: