Travis Scott, like many of us, is celebrating his birthday in lockdown. The Houston rapper turned 28-years-old today (April 30), and though the world is essentially shut down, Scott suggested that shouldn’t stop the party.

“Since a kid Laflame just wanted to rageeeeee !!!! Let’s get wilaaayy today !!!” Scott captioned a childhood photo he posted to his Instagram.

Scott has already taken advantage of creative opportunities for virtual engagement with his fans during the pandemic. He participated in Fortnite concert where he virtually performed to an audience of over 12 million which resulted in a massive spike in streaming numbers from platforms such as Spotify and Pandora.

Unfortunately, the stay-at-home orders the country is currently living under doesn’t allow for Scott to party with the usual vigor expected from La Flame (his 27th birthday party hosted guests in a gas station inspired venue complete with custom Cactus Jack branded products and novelties).

To celebrate Scott’s 28th birthday and to help combat the dreariness of quarantine, HipHopDX has compiled a list of his tracks that can make social distancing less painful than it has to be.

Travis Scott f. Big Sean & The 1975 — “Don’t Play”

“Don’t Play” is essentially the motto we’ve gotten used to during quarantine, but luckily Scott’s interpretation of the phrase is a bit more fun. One of Scott’s earlier singles, “Don’t Play” is a sonically ethereal track that is turnt-up with Scott’s signature adlibs. You can play, just do it from home.

Travis Scott f. Swae Lee & Chief Keef — “Nightcrawler”

From 2015’s Rodeo, “Nightcrawler” is one of the many stand-out party anthems from Scott’s catalogue. “Did you have the time of your life? / Let’s have the afterparty at my place” Swae Lee croons to start off the track. Let’s just have the afterparty on Zoom for now, but this should be playing in the background.

Travis Scott f. Kid Cudi — “through the late night”

“Then we sleep through day, then we play all through the late night” Scott hums. The days are flying by and seem to blend one into the next. We’re up all night and we sleep all day. It’s a poor sleeping schedule, but at least Scott’s in it with us.

Travis Scott f. Justin Bieber & Young Thug — “Maria I’m Drunk”

“Maria I’m Drunk” is the unofficial drinking anthem of the lockdown. You might not be calling for Maria, but call some of your friends and crack a bottle.

Travis Scott f. Young Thug  — “pick up the phone”

One of the breakout singles from Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight, “pick up the phone” should be on everybody’s quarantine party playlist. After your work calls send this track over to your group and get e-partying.

Travis Scott & Quavo f. Offset — “Dubai Shit”

Our vacations are certainly not as extravagant as the Huncho Jack team, but we can all dream of the luxuries rapped about on “Dubai Shit.”

Travis Scott  — “coordinate”

You may not be able to flex your rockstar skinnys, but you can still wear them indoors. Get out of those sweatpants and get your outfit together, even if it’s just for your shift from the bedroom to the living room.

Travis Scott — “STARGAZING”

The year was 2018. It was summer. The world was still open and Scott had just released his masterpiece ASTROWORLD. Hop-off of the video game, close Instagram, and play this song as you reminisce about simpler times.

Travis Scott's Pandora Blows Up Following Record-Breaking 'Fortnite' Performance

Travis Scott f. Kid Cudi — “way back”

Remember way back? When you could go outside without a mask? When you could watch James Harden’s euro-steps live? We do too…barely.

Travis Scott & Kid Cudi — “THE SCOTTS”

The lead single from Travis Scott and Kid Cudi’s upcoming collaborative project, “THE SCOTTS” will forever be tied to our current circumstances. Originally debuted during Scott’s Fortnite set, news of the rappers’ joint album is keeping us hopeful for the future.

What’s your favorite Travis Scott joint? Let us know in the comment section below!