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One of the most enticing aspects regarding the world of Hip Hop is the lyricism and its penchants for hyperboles.

Whether it’s ridiculous claims of wealth, braggadocio sex tales or retellings of the Terminator films, rappers know how to keep audiences entertained with their claims.

Eye-catching verses have been around since the days of Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick and Special Ed and this year’s most insane lyrics uphold the controversy.

Have a look for yourself.

Benny The Butcher — “18 Wheeler”

“First time I ever cooked a deuce, I got a four-way from it/Stabbed it in the pot so many times they think OJ done it”

Just in case you’re wondering, Orenthal James Simpson is alive and well, currently gloating about winning his football fantasy league.

Baby Keem — “Orange Soda”

“Bitch sit on my face, I attack that Choose up, lil’ junt, I’m finna pack him”

In just one year’s time, Las Vegas native Baby Keem has crowned himself as Hip Hop’s newest prince of shock value. After all, he did name his project DIE FOR MY BITCH.

Reason on “LamboTruck”

“Wait Cozz, I ain’t sayin’ he a thot, my nigga/Look, let me explain We could tie Ib up Throw him in the back of a Lamborghini truck/Cole do something, we could let a Glock squeeze up”

Even as a conceptual song, things took a turn into Morbidbiville towards the end.

Rick Ross — “BIG TYME”

“Throw the keys to the bitch, nigga, big tyme (Big tyme)/Big tyme (Big tyme)/Big tyme (Big tyme)/My momma gotta come to me because I’m big tyme!”

Hopefully, Rozay doesn’t make her kiss the ring as well.

Pusha T on Freddie Gibbs’ “Palmolive”

“Way more chemical than political/PTSD from what I weighed on the digital/It was snowfall and Reagan gave me the visual/Obama opened his doors knowing I was a criminal”

Such a dirty rhyme on a squeaky clean album cut. 

Does this make Obama an accomplice to “aiding and abetting?”

DaBaby — “XXL”

These niggas, they know I’m a dawg I ain’t worried about him, I know he a bitch (Meow)/The next nigga that come play with me I’ma send him to go ask 2Pac for a pic, bitch”

Or, they could play nice and wait for Coachella to bring back the hologram.

Young Thug on “Hot”

“Cartier eyes/Cartier coat, Cartiers the watch/Cartier love, Cartier the thot/Cartier specs, buffalo on the side/Princess cut diamonds, they Cartier, yeah/Cartier bag for the Cartier thot/Sky Wrangler coupe with two hundred the dash/Cartier jeans, ain’t no way I can sag”

Talk about product placement. They better cut the check for the next album.

Lil Tjay on Polo G’s “Pop Out”

“Got that .40 on my side and I’m just rollin’ past the jakes/Both my hands can do the job and I ain’t talkin’ masturbate”

Now that’s how you get off on a track.

Kash Doll on “Doin Too Much”

“Big ass titties like I’m Dolly Parton/Living ‘La Vida Loca’ like I’m Ricky Martin Pussy pink, Tesla, I ain’t gotta park it Can’t fuck an NBA nigga, if he ain’t starting” 

Even benchwarmers make multi-millions now. Kash just has uber-high standards.

Megan Thee Stallion — “Cash Shit”

“I don’t be stressin’ ’bout none of these niggas/When they be talkin’, I don’t even listen/Tellin’ me secrets, I probably forget it/But I’ma tune in when he say he gon’ lick it”

Note to guys worldwide: only cunnilingus breeds conversation with the Hot Girl.

Freddie Gibbs — “Flat Tummy Tea”

“Fuck Spike, he mostly show Malcolm on coke and white whores/Did the shit so he can get fundin’ up from them white boys/White girl magic, cocaine, the white whores I was in Joliet serving heroin to them white boys”

Anyone who’s seen the Spike Lee-helmed masterful biopic can somewhat understand the sentiment. And for the record, Freddie has went on record to state he “loves” Spike.

Eminem on Fat Joe’s “Lord Above”

“I know me and Mariah didn’t end on a high note/But that other dude’s whipped-that pussy got him neutered/Tried to tell him this chick’s a nut job before he got his jewels clipped/Almost got my caboose kicked/Fool, quit /You not gonna do shit/I let her chop my balls off too before I lose to you, Nick.”

Who woulda thunk that the 2,132 traded bar between Nick Cannon and Slim Shady would have spawned not one but three diss records, re-unearthed racist commentary, reinvigorated battle rappers and dozens of hours dedicated to all the aforementioned horseradish on the radio? Um, good job, Em?

Let us know your favorite insane lyrics of 2019 in the comment section below.

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