Twitter: home of Lil B curses, the occasional Kanye West rant and where trigger fingers turn to … you know the rest. Over time, rap has made its presence known on Twitter while providing artists with a platform to directly connect with countless fans now at 280 characters at a time. Our favorite artists, entertainers, and influencers use the site as an outlet to vent without a filter, as well as to promote their latest work. With 330 million monthly active users to interact with, feeds can sometimes get overwhelming, which is why HipHopDX curates a list of the week’s best and most memorable tweets from the Hip Hop world.

This installment of Tweets Is Watching includes idk’s claim that he’s the official 10th XXL Freshman and Lil Yachty acknowledging being hacked.

idk Says He’s Thte 10th XXL Freshman

idk trolled a lot of his fans when he claimed to be the 10th rapper on the 2018 XXL Freshman list. The official list was already announced earlier this month. He went on to drop a freestyle titled “Trippie Redd’s Freestyle” ripping into those selected for the this year’s honor.

Tyler The Creator Gets Angry

After someone pointed out that some of his recent releases (remixed verses and freestyles) are different from his previous work, Tyler The Creator responded with rage and fury. “ARE YOU THAT STUPID TO NOT REALIZE ITS NOT MY SONG YOU DUMB BITCH,” he wrote.

Lil Yachty Gets Hacked

Lil Yachty’s account was allegedly hacked by a group calling itself “” They tweeted a string of nonsense, including threatening to release music and repeatedly claiming that Lil Boat “talks to underaged girls.” Yachty has since denied those claims.

Iggy Azalea Stands Up To Haters

Iggy has recently been under fire for posting revealing modeling photos onto her Instagram. She responded to critics, saying she’s finally happy and back in her “creative space.”

Kid Cudi Says More Music Is Coming

Cudi thanked fans for being receptive to his Kids See Ghosts album. He tells fans that more is coming soon.

Yung Bans Doesn’t Like Lil Xan

After a fan tweeted about upcoming releases, which included both Lil Xan and Yung Bans, Bans responded to the tweet with Xan’s name and a throw-up emoji. The two don’t have any known public beef.

Nelly Calls Out His Father

Nelly aired out his father earlier this week. He stated he’s done financially supporting him. In a follow-up tweet, he praised his mother, calling himself a “MAMAS BOY.” The tweets came after Ashanti, Nelly’s ex, was spotted hanging out with Nelly’s father.