A Kanye West interview is a gift from the Journalism Gods. No one in our culture is more open and more flamboyant with their opinion than West, and this time the gift just kept on giving on the Breakfast Club Show this morning.

His topics were varied, and his thoughts were snippets into the mind of a man who’s been keeping the media at bay for some time. He covered his relationship with Kim, Amber Rose, his new sneaker collaboration with Adidas, working with new artists, and his Grammy rant among a slew of other topics.

Did you know he has dinner with Taylor Swift? Who he slandered into the national spotlight? Or that he has Beck’s number but just keeps on forgetting to call? Now you do, because Yeezy told you.

Here, we give you nine other things Yeezy told you during his Breakfast Club interview.

Drake and Kanye Were Originally Slated to Make A Collaborative Album

When Ye´dropped the bombshell that he and Drake were supposed to make a collaborative album called Wolves, it hit the net hard. Drake has been dominating the News because of his new record If You’re Reading This Its Too Late, so of course the idea of a joint album that hopefully will be too emo for words will one day be filling our ears with melancholy. Luckily he did drop “Wolves” with Vic Mensa, which is a great record.

Kanye´ West Wants You To Clown Rich People

We hear him talk about humanity a great deal, but in this interview he shines a real light on being a sort of Rap humanist. From his collaborations with younger artists to his “learning from OG’s” like Farrakhan, he’s proven that he’s aware of what he’s doing. And that moves into what he referred to “classism” as well. So when he says he understands why people like to “take the piss” out of the rich, he says it’s from an interesting place emotionally. Now let’s see if he puts his time, money and energy where his mouth is.

Kanye´ Plans On Eventually Releasing A Yeezy Boost Shoe As Low As $60

Getting the price point of the Yeezy’s down below triple digits would be a major coup. Company’s have been experimenting for a while with higher prices to drive demand and it’s been working. Nike, especially, as their foray into the high end sneaker market has been extremely successful. If he could do it, and not have them look or feel cheap, he could upset that fashion apple cart entirely.

Admitted To Not Supporting Teyana Taylor and Cruel Summer Blended With “The Pack”

Teyana Taylor’s album roll out was sparse at best, and her collaborations with G.O.O.D music boss hog have been nearly non existent. Kanye was apologetic about his lack of participation, citing fashion and his own music as reasons for why he hasn’t been more active. Luckily for Big Sean he got back in the studio and behind the boards just in time to bless him with a verse on the Drake assisted “Blessed,” and “All Your Fault” and “One Man Can Change The World” from his album Dark Sky Paradise.

Beyonce Is “Inspired” By Kim

We find incredibly hard to believe that Beyonce´ looks at pictures of Kim for inspiration, but it may be possible. The Kardashian leader is a talented dresser, and with Kanye at her side she’s been looking even more stunning and edgy than ever. In that respects, maybe Beyonce´ is checking out what Kim Kardashian is wearing. Anything else, and we’d find it hard to believe.

Still Making Unification Moves By Working With Young Thug, Vic Mensa, Tyga, Big Sean and Slew Of Emerging Hip Hop Artist

Since the beginning of his music career as a producer, Kanye has had the ability to really bridge the gap between “acceptable” and “unacceptable” Hip Hop. Earlier on, he was known as the man who provided beats for Jay Z’s classic album The Blueprint while lending production to Talib Kweli and even Mos Def. That ability to collaborate with various sides of Hip Hop has been a signature of Yeezy and it looks to continue with his currently unnamed project. From what was said in the interview, G.O.O.D. Music’s commander-in-chief plans on working current southern curiosity Young Thug, Chicago artist Vic Mensa, and Big Sean among others. That’s just what he’s announced.

30 Showers May Be A Bit Much

We mean, 30 Showers? That’s incredible. Was it a standup shower? Did he have the water just beat down on him as he shed his last tears for Amber? Is that where he came up with “Yeezy taught me?” So many questions. Amber bit back, though, and now this thing will swirl into a maelstrom until Twitter is done with it.

Working On Documentary on Louis Farrakhan’s Life

Minister Louis Farrakhan is one of the most controversial figures of any religious organization. Makes sense as to why one of music’s most polarizing figures would want to create a documentary on the outspoken leader of the Nation of Islam. Kanye told The Breakfast Club the feature film will center around Farrakhan’s life as a classically trained violinist before being introduced to Elijah Muhammad. Knowing Yeezus’ eye for visual design and team at Donda could potentially deliver something pretty fascinating.

Kanye´ Disliked His Grammy Performance Enough To Make Improvements For SNL Set

Outside of Kanye’s almost interruption of Beck’s Grammy acceptance speech for Album of The Year, the ceremony was a relative snoozefest. That included his performance of Paul McCartney collaboration “Only One.” A darkened Staple Center was only illuminated by a pillar of light as Yeezy sung the heartfelt song that honestly doesn’t sound well live. This is also coming from a guy whose performances(especially for tours) are known for being visual spectacles themselves.  His other performance with McCartney and Rihanna was a lot more robust but, even that wasn’t saying much. During the following Sunday’s eventful Saturday Night Live special celebrating the show’s 40th anniversary, not did he perform the highly anticipate “Wolves” track with Sia and Vic Mensa, the set became a star of its own. At least that performance will be known for Kanye performing a melody of “Jesus Walks” and “Only One” lying down.

Kanye´ Wants Wants To Abolish Elitism

“We were born into a broken worlds that’s separated by race, religion and class,” says Yeezy. If he can’t rid humanity of race and religion, in his mind, maybe a redistribution of wealth may unify everyone. His message becomes more clear when he brings up an interesting analogy regarding separation on commercial airliners and what that means during a plane crash. How does Yeezus plan on actually accomplishing the end of elitism? First through his latest deal with Adidas to give high quality and designed footwear to those who don’t have the funds to. Considering the nature of capitalism may in fact just make Kanye and Adidas even more wealthy, consumerism won’t exactly abolish elitism; at least on the surface. However, Kanye is surely going to damn well try.

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