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The new fourth member of D-Block explains why patience pays, and how he's not J-Hood's replacement.


Bake Up Boyz

With a single with Jim Jones on spending new money, Michigan's Bake Up Boyz are happy to be here. Will they stay?


Miss Rap Supreme Castaways: Khia

The DQ'd Khia calls out MC Serch, Yo-Yo and Mz. Cherry. Plus, she says Lil Wayne's her baby and trashes Trina.


Jae Millz: New Money

For the last year, calls to former friends and deejays went unanswered. After signing with Lil Wayne, Jae Millz changed his number.


Young Chris: Future of Da Roc

Jay-Z made a promise that 2008 was going to be Young Chris' year. Will the hard work pay off, or is it too late?


C-Murder: Tru-ly Yours

The former foul-mouth-piece of Tru is now talking about literature, his grandmother and late friend Soulja Slim.


Spider Loc: The Blutiful Struggle

Spider Loc doesn't see why he can't win an Oscar, and why Crooked I gets love but others get loc'd over.


Ransom: Fuck Joe Budden!

What's going on with Joe Budden and Ransom? Ransom tells his side of the story including how he saved Joe from a stomp out.


Uncle Murda: Taking Everyone Out The Game

Jay-Z's newest prodigy talks beef with Papoose, bustin guns, offing family members and some more wild shit. It's real in the battlefield.


Where The Hell Have You Been?: Adina Howard

Is Adina Howard still a freak? Let's just say she likes T-shirts...maybe not panties and says threesomes are *ahem* "boring".


Evidence: Indy Or Major?

Independent or major label? Which way do you go? Evidence speaks on that, the future of Dilated Peoples and more.


Industry 101: Koch Records' Dan Green

Did you believe 50 Cent when he said Koch was a graveyard? Koch's A&R Dan Green gives some insight on 50's assertion and much more.


Duke Da God: Dipset Runs New York!

"I think Cam bodied 50 in the whole thing. He just fell back and tried to do the same thing Jim Jones did to Jay-Z..."


Mims: Am I Still Hot?

Is Mims here to stay or just a one trick pony? Mims talks about sounding like a southern artist, NY Hip Hop and making hits with the damn mailman!


Joell Ortiz: The Good Doctor's Next Big Thing

Who is the chubby Latin kid with 2 record deals (Koch & Aftermath)? What made Dr. Dre put the NY emcee on his label? You gotta read to find out!


Where The Hell Have You Been?: Lady Of Rage

Back during the early 90's, Lady of Rage was THE best emcee spittin'. But when Death Row folded, she disappeared. We catch up with Rage to see what she's got going on.


Marques Houston: Been In This Game For Years

Marques Houston has been a "Veteran" in R&B for years. Here he gives a little insight on his new outlook and some groupie love.


Sean Price: Jesus Price!!!

Why is Sean Price "the brokest rapper alive?" Does he agree that Hip Hop is Dead? What's going on with Heltah Skeltah? Read on...


Young Jeezy: Inspirational Snowman

Young Jeezy speaks about his new album and talks about Jay-Z as president, being Crip and/or BMF affiliated and why he ad libs so much.


The Game: A Legend Or Fraud?

Game delivers the most anticipated interview of the year! He talks 50, G-Unit, Jay, Ras, Dr. Dre, Suge Knight, is he a blood, was he a stripper? Game lets it all hang out here!

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