from the north side of Memphis,
This ya boy Yo Gotti.
After years of grinding, Yo Gotti
brings the rap game his major TVT
release Back 2 Da Basics.
First on the album is the hot-ass intro track “That’s What’s Up.”
On this track the boy just kills shit as he shouts out all who got him to this
point, including a lil’ “fuck you” dis to Three Six Mafia
I guess it’s from some beef that had back in the day. “I Got
is also that crack, as Gotti
has guest features by Birdman
and Lil Wayne as they
kill this track with flaming verses, especially with the chorus and the hook.
The electric guitar-laced “Full Time” is okay, but the track could’ve
had more effort put into it. “Full Time” explains what Gotti went through a full time
hustler, as he chants along with “I’m a
full-time Hustla, I’m full-time real/full-time D-boy I get it how I live

“U A Gangsta Rite” is another heater creatively
produced and Yo Gotti
just delivers that fire. The album falls low on tracks like “Spend It
Cuz We Got It
,” which features Gotti’s boy All-Star
and a lackluster beat from Carlos
. “Cold Game” is average too; nice beat,
but Gotti’s bars just
don’t ride the beat and drowns along. Back
2 Da Basics
comes back to life on the Carlos Broady-produced “Gangsta
.” Biggie’s one
time producer laced
up this track, which features verses from 8 Ball and UGK’s
Bun B
. Scott Storch
did the job too on “That’s What They Made it Foe.” It’s crazy how Gotti spits “Went from a boxed chevy to a boxed Porsche/from a
hundred dollar beat to Scott Storch.”
 Gotti does it again on “25 to
,” which seems like a “don’t-go-to-jail” anthem.

The slump
returns on the album with weak flows on tracks like “Shawty
and “That’s not Yo Bitch.” Bangers do make a
comeback on “I’m a Thug” and “We gonna be Alright.” “Warrior’s”
a heater too, along with the Jazze Pha-assisted
Part of Thugs
.” Back 2 da
is a good album and I respect Yo Gott for his effort in this project. Not bad at all; so
for those who not familiar, look-out for ya boy Yoooo Goooottttttiii!