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Ives Presko Draws Flak For Saying People Shouldn’t Expect Oil Price Rollback, Should Just ‘Hustle’ More

The Pinoy rapper shared the post a day before the 4th week of another price hike in the Philippines


Nasty Channels His Anger In His 1st Nepali-Language—And 15th Overall—Album, ‘Kranti’

Exclusively available–including the upcoming deluxe version—via his Eye Crown label website


Filipino Rappers & Producers Come Together For ‘HINDI KO PRESIDENTE’ Tambisan Sa Sining Compilation Album

The Tambisan Sa Sining compilation album features WYP, M466OT, obese.dogma777, and more


Owfuck’s Paul Cassimir Resists Against The Status Quo In Juss Rye-Produced ‘Gutom’

The new track aims to “speak for the voiceless”


NIKI Announces New Album ‘Nicole’ To Include ‘Reimagined’ Old Originals

Her sophomore release is expected to arrive in August


FELIP Releases Statement On ‘Copying Allegations’ Between ‘Bulan’ And LAY’s ‘Lit’ Videos

FELIP noted that the track 'was heavily and responsibly researched [and] had its cultural basis…'


Warren Hue, Yung Raja, SYA & Pyra Included In Forbes ’30 Under 30’ Asia List 2022

K-pop group Aespa and singer Clinton Kane were also featured


Khakii Pulls No Punches With Sokodomo In ‘Double Up’—Editor’s Pick

The two-time Show Me The Money alumnus maintains his competitive streak


Just Hush Kicks Off Wet Season With ‘Turn Up’—Editor’s Pick

The singer-producer’s latest R&B gem features a rap verse from Lo Ki


JMara Tackles Mental Health & Paranoia in ‘GAPOS’—Editor’s Pick

The Morobeats artist fights off voices in his head


GOT7 Breaks Down Their Self-Titled EP: ‘It Was A Time Of Continuous Growth’—Track-By-Track Guide

“We promised our fans that we aren’t going anywhere. We wanted to prove we did not disband.”


VannDa Premieres ‘Parenthesis’ & ‘Life Is A Game’ Ahead Of ‘SKULL 2’ Album

The Cambodian star shares double single and deletes all his Instagram posts


MILLI Serves ‘Mango Sticky Rice’—Watch Anime-Inspired Visual

The Thai rap star performed the song at Coachella this year


Mrs M Becomes First Mongolian Artist To Sign Under A Major Label

The Mongolian rap star is Warner Music Asia’s regional label Asiatic Records' latest signee


Psychomantra, Arunboii, Arvind Raj, YUNOHOO & More To Perform At Naamastay Hip Hop Show

The show aims to promote Malaysian Indian and Tamil hip hop


FELIP Of SB19 Teases Second Solo Single ‘Bulan’

The release has been postponed following the general elections


VTEN Previews Upcoming Single ‘GAU TIRAI’—Shares New Look

The rapper is also seen wearing a shirt that says, ‘FREE MELLY’


Skusta Clee Begs For Forgiveness In ‘Kumpisal’ Following Breakup From Zeinab Harake

The Ex Battalion rapper has been accused of infidelity, among other things


RAMENGVRL, Mrs. M, OZworld, Tsunari & More Come Together In ‘Asiatic.Wav Vol. 1’ EP

The EP sees Indonesian rapper RAMENGVRL returns to her old sound in “Focus”


Run Deliks, Switchbitch, FEIFEI, & More To Perform At TUTOK Solidarity Gig

The show is part of ongoing efforts of Filipino groups demanding accountability in the recent elections

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