When it comes to Thai hip hop, who better to ask for recommendations than F.HERO, one of the scene’s OGs?

With the advent of the Internet and streaming, artists in Thailand, especially rappers and producers, have been releasing more music than ever.

The pioneer artist listed down 30 of Thai hip hop tracks he recommends—and why—for those who may be just getting into Thai hip hop or want to learn more about hip hop culture in the country.

10 Thai Hip Hop & R&B Acts To Check Out Right Now


I can relate to this song and it’s perfect for waking you up in the morning before going to work.

  1. “ธาตุทองซาวด์” (Thatthong Sound) YOUNGOHM ft. SONOFO

This song shows real, original Thai rhythm.

  1. “Raindrop” – 1MILL

I like all of 1MILL’s songs and I listen to his music the most, especially this song.

  1. “ซุปเปอร์ไซย่า (SUPER SAIYAN)”- URBOYTJ ft. MAIYARAP

My most favorite track of URBOYTJ, he’s really cool when he is on fire.

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  1. “พิษภัย” – 1MILL X FIIXD X SUNNYBONE

I listen to this song whenever I’m in the car. These artists’ verses are really strong.

  1. “One Day” – KH, K6Y, EP$ON

This song cheers me up whenever I feel down.

  1. “Pass da Mic” – K6Y, EP$ON, K.Aglet, Pratyamic

This new generation group of rappers represents old-school [rap] very well and they are all talented.

  1. “Up and Down” – P9D

I like listening to the rhymes of P9D, especially when he raps about life. It’s really cool and teaches me a lot. I listen to it on repeat.

  1. “RUN THE TOWN” – F.HERO x VannDa ft. 1MILL & SPRITE

I’m proud that I had a chance to work on this song with VannDa, 1MILL, and Sprite. Together, we show “One Love Under HipHop” in this song.

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  1. “ไฮโซ-โซไฮ (Hi-So, So-Hi)” – JoeyBoy

JoeyBoy is my all-time teacher. The song includes KH’s rhyme featured in this song and the sampling of Charlie’s Angels is very cool.

  1. “รักนะเว้ย” – MILLI ft. NAMEMT (prod. SpatChies)

I would give a full 100 score for the creativity of this song. Every time that I listen to this song, I would smile and think of my wife.

  1. “DONG” – Bear Knuckle

I love everything this group has done. The presentation and party sound do show the original Thai sound really well. They did a great job.

  1. “ANTLV” – AUTTA (prod. Mick Petchpoom)

AUTTA is a rapper who I dare say has a technique and creativity that’s beyond good. He deserves to be in a global market. I do call him my teacher and he really did teach me how to rap.

  1. “Aow Pa!! (เอาป่ะ!!)” – KH x JOEY BOY

Two GODS in one song! This should be recorded as an important scene of Thai hip hop history.

  1. “OG” – KH X JROC

The first time I listened to this song at the studio, I screamed with excitement. It’s a very cool song and it has rhymes that only top talented people can do.

  1. “BUNDA” – MF ft. JARVIS

MF17 and JARVIS are two new-generation rappers that I admire a lot. They are making a good party sound and I love dancing to this song when I’m in the shower.

  1. “เดียวดายใต้หล้า” – ILLSLICK

I love all of ILLSLICK’s music,  but this song is my most favorite one which is full of respect.

  1. “โปรดระวังทางต่างระดับ” – ILLSLICK & BangBaht

I love an ILLSLICK diss track —it really shows his skill that deserves to be respected. The whole song is on fire and really good.

  1. “เฉย” – Joey Boy

My most favorite and most listened to track by Joeyboy to this day.

  1. “LIT” – Twopee ft. KH, FIIXD, Youngzees

This track deserves to be named “LIT.” I  want to be at the mosh pit every time I listen to this song.

  1. “Aow La Woii” – Twopee Southside

In my heart, Twopee is one of the top artists. His voice and attitude give me energy.

  1. “WON ARAI (วันอะไร)” – DABOYWAY

I listen to this song and it gives me encouragement. For me, DABOYWAY is a role model and this song gives me the feeling that he’s the real boss.

  1. “No Stoppin Us” – Thaitanium ft. Blahzay Blahzay & Lil Fame (M.O.P.)

It’s really cool.

  1. Road Map” – The Real

One of the best Thai hip hop tracks of all time.

  1. “เก้าอี้“ – The Real

It’s lit and deep—this song has the most well-designed battle rhymes.

  1. “We Are Yun” – NTC Youngwerkk ft. 1MILL

No. 1 rapper in UK drill in Thailand. So good, so deep!

  1. “ไม่การันตี (Mai Guarantee)” – Thaitanium ft. สิงโต นำโชค

I’m a real Thaitanium fan and I dare to say that this song inspired me and changed my life.

  1. “ขาดกระเด็น” – SpydaMonkee

DJ SpydaMonkee’s album Battle Tank is one of the best DJ scratches of all time, and this is one of my most favorite tracks.

  1. “รวมดาว (Hip Hop All Star)” – ขันที (Khan-T, A-Jay)

This might be the very first track that gathered almost every member of AA Crew. This is legendary and should be praised.

  1. “Call Center” – TangBadVoice

This is one of the best rappers of this era. Really hard to explain how cool he is but if you understand Thai, you will love his music.

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