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Mary J. vs. J. Foxx?!?!

Rumors are flying around the industry that singers <b>Mary J. Blige and Jamie Foxx</b> are at odds? Are R&B beefs the new trend???


Emcee Set to Share B.I.G.'s Death Date

Philly rapper <b>Cool C</b> will die March 9 for his role in a failed bank robbery in 1996.


True Life: The Diary of Alicia Keys

<b>Alicia Keys</b> brings her life story to <b>UPN</b> in an upcoming series.


Latifah Sees Her Star Shine

From emcee to movie star, <b>Queen Latifah</b> was honored with a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame.


D4L Speaks on DFB

<b>D4L</b> breaks their silence, sounds off on beef with <b>Dem Franchize Boys</b>


Hip Hop For Sale?

Nah, it's not <b>Canibus</b>, a variety of hip hop stars are selling their names to aid <b>Katrina victims</b>


HHDX News Bits (Wednesday)

<b>R. Kelly</b> found himself back in court last week as <b>Fantasia</b> made <I>Idol</I> history.


Field Mob: The Next Outkast?

Field Mob talks about their label woes, linking up with Ludacris, working with Jaime Foxx and being the next Outkast.


Olivia, Nia Long and Melyssa Ford Throw Blows in NYC

What caused <b>Olivia</b> of <b>G-Unit</b>, <b>Nia Long</b> and <b>Melyssa Ford</b> to fight in New York?


MJ's Meeting in the Ladies Room

Is <b>Michael Jackson</b> living his new life as a woman??? Read on and find out...


Battle of the Bad Boys

Ever since <b>Ma$e</b> signed with <b>G-Unit</b> he


Kanye West Sued for $10 Million

A dispute over old <b>Kanye West</b> material has taken a new turn, with a $10 million counter suit filed against <b>Mr. West</b>


RZA Goes Hollywood!?!?

Has <b>RZA</b> traded in his microphone and eerie beats for Hollywood


WNBA Star "Comes Out"

After nearly a decade of hiding in the closet about her sexuality, <b>WNBA</b> star <b>Sheryl Swoopes</b> finally came out.


Is Usher a Body Guard??

Is R&B sensation <b>Usher</b> trading his dancing shoes and mic for a bullet-proof vest and gun?!?! Read on to find out...


Black Rob: Diddy's Lyrical Elixir

After a Kidney disorder and a 5 year layoff, Black Rob returns and talks about his love for Diddy and hatred for Fat Joe


Detroit vs. Styles P?!?!?

It's not <b>Eminem's</b> beef, read on to find out who is said to have issues with <b>Holiday Styles</b>


The Game Makes a Billion???

<b>The Game</b> takes his game outside of rap, joins <I>The Billionaire Boys Club</I>


2 Pac Fan Gets Lethal Injection

A man who killed a police officer in 1992 after listening to a <b>2 Pac</b> CD was exectuted last week.


Mack 10: Still Hoo Bangin?

When Mack 10 was asked about a reunion with the Ice Cube and WC, Mack replied "No Way!" read why.

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