We’ve all heard about the recent battle between former Bad Boy Entertainment artists Loon and Ma$e. Recently, Loon firing another shot at the Pastor.

”He’s a clown, I’m laughin at the situation. This man must have really lost his mind,” says Loon , a.k.a. Chauncey Hawkins about his former labelmate.

Loon originally fired back at Ma$e on wax on two cuts entitled You Not a Ryda and You Heard. On the latter, Loon spit: Yo pastor, I thought you seen light/It just don’t seem right/The world thought you had an epiphany/All you doing is spending church money in Tiffany’s

Loon also reportedly said that if Ma$e fires another lyrical round at him that his retaliation will be much ‘more aggressive’ than his latest attack.

“It will have an aggressive twist that will establish some concrete facts that maybe only he will understand. To let him know if you come out your mouth on the second record or say anything, you know which direction I’m going. If you continue to move forward, I’m going to smash you,” Loon belted.

In the meantime, Loon is at work on his first post-Bad Boy release on his own label, Boss Up Entertainment, in partnership with rock label Cleopatra Records.

Source: AOL Black Voices