King Los Explains Why Loaded Lux Should Not Battle Hollow Da Don

Exclusive: The Bad Boy artist says a Loaded Lux versus Ayeverb battle would be a "classic beyond classic."

During a recent recording session at West-One Productions in Hollywood, California, Bad Boy artist King Los talked in detail about UW’s upcoming battle between Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don. The Baltimore, Maryland-native reflected on Lux’s popular battle against Calicoe during SMACK/URL’s Summer Madness 2. He also explained why he believes Hollow Da Don is not the best opponent for Loaded Lux’s highly anticipated return to Battle Rap.

King Los Compares Loaded Lux & Hollow Da Don To Mayweather & Pacquiao

“I’m interested in seeing Hollow’s approach to Lux,” King Los said. “And I’m interested to see how [Loaded Lux’s] approach to this battle is different from ‘You gon’ get this work,’ because I was there [at Summer Madness 2] when he did that to Calicoe.

“I was present and that was [Lux’s] first time back in six or seven years or some crazy shit," he continues. "I’m interested to know how he reenters the ring this time because he can’t come with a suit on. He can’t come with a funeral for Hollow. He has to come so fresh.

“I don’t know what his approach would be, but we know Hollow is beatable," King Los adds. "We don’t know that Lux is beatable. It’s the [Floyd] Mayweather versus [Manny] Pacquiao thing. You know Hollow hits hard. You know he’s fast. He has the ability to slip that one punch that could fuck this whole shit up. But we know that Floyd muthafuckin’ Mayweather don’t get hit that much so you gotta hit him first. And while you ain’t hitting him, he’s hitting you. And that’s the bad part. That’s Loaded Lux. Calicoe ain’t say one muthafucking thing that really hit that nigga and Calicoe said some ill shit. But the counter punches were like, ‘Nigga!’ It was ugly.”

King Los also described Busta Rhymes’ reaction to Loaded Lux’s Summer Madness 2 performance. “I was in the building,” he said. “I had Busta Rhymes squeezing my neck, literally. Every time Lux said some shit, I had [Busta choking me]! I was like, ‘Buss, you’re 350-lbs, bro. I’m a little guy. You can’t do that to me. Let me go so I can enjoy this shit, too.’ [Laughs] That’s how devastating it was. That shit was epic, man.”

King Los Explains Why Loaded Lux Should Battle Ayeverb

While Battle Rap has longed for UW’s headlining matchup since Summer Madness 2, King Los does not believe that Hollow Da Don is the best opponent for Loaded Lux. “I don’t think that that’s the person that Lux should battle right now at this point,” he said. “I think he should battle Ayeverb. I think that would be a classic beyond classics. It would be hard to determine. I promise you, maybe not Ayeverb four or five months ago, but [now].”

The Bad Boy artist said he believes Ayeverb is a better opponent because Loaded Lux’s memorable approach and presentation against Calicoe was derived from a similar approach Ayeverb took in his battle against Hitman Holla. “He did, entirely,” Los said. “But that’s what I mean about taking from the culture and giving back so beautifully because [Lux] could’ve went wrong and that would’ve been stealing.

“The way he gave that ‘You gon’ get this work,’ he owned that shit,” he continues. “You’ve gotta understand that, on tape, you can hear some things that you can’t hear in person. We’re on the balcony and I keep telling [Diddy], Busta and all these guys that Lux is whispering something in Calicoe’s ear between his bars. He’s making this face and keeps winking at the people behind Calicoe. He is being vindictive. He’s manipulating and is in control of this battle. So, every time Lux would say some shit, he would whisper to him, ‘You gon’ get this work.’ It was like, if everyone wants to see a fight—because that’s all people want to see—I was just whipping yo’ ass to you, just for the sake of whipping yo’ ass. You gotta understand, man. I’m from battle rap. I will fuck somebody up. And in the midst of that, let’s say you’re the crowd and I’m winking towards someone in the crowd that I’m cool with, then turn around and whisper [at Calicoe], ‘You gon’ get this work.’ The way he was going in between devastating this nigga and being cool with the crowd [was incredible].”

King Los also explained how various lines from Loaded Lux’s battle against Calicoe are now ingrained into Battle Rap, pointing out how his now famous “choke” in Round 1 has been re-appropriated by other battle rappers.

“He made that legendary,” he said. “People do that now in battles just to be funny. People be like, ‘All first verse!’ How do you fuck up and recover from it? That’s how you do it. Lux got this unorthodox style of flow, too. But remember on 106 & Park [Freestyle Fridays], he went seven weeks in a row and just bodied niggas. So he can do it commercially and he can do it in a gladiator sport. I’m from that era. We’re from that era. [Quoting Loaded Lux] ‘You new niggas is chumps / That’s why I’m up here just doing what I want / I used to battle on the roof / The loser had to jump.’ That was more Jay Z than Jay Z… He was preaching, boy. The preaching was in effect. Busta was crying at one point. I’m telling you, that shit was nuts.”

King Los’ made headlines in 2013 after Kendrick Lamar credited him with having the best response to Big Sean’s “Control,” which featured Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica. Last month, King Los and Mark Battles released the mixtape, Broken Silence. The mixtape includes guest appearances by Ab-Soul, Dizzy Wright and Wale, among others. 

Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don are scheduled to battle during UW’s “High Stakes” on January 26 in Newark, New Jersey. Watch Loaded Lux and Calicoe battle during URL’s Summer Madness 2 below.

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  • Big Barrio 18, E'z up to the homies!

    This freestyle bullshit is CORNY AS FUCK! That vid up above was hard to watch. These dudes is basically just talking slowly, having a regular conversation with no beat in the background. Freestyle rap definitely not nearly as good as it once was. Can't believe so many people was there. What a waste of time. Shit is wack!

  • King Chandler

    Mook bodied Lux in their second battle. The fuck is Los talkin about we don't know if lux is beatable.

  • The Truth Nigga

    Sorry y'all but Lux just got bodied by Hollow. R.I.P. Lux Lux will never battle again. Hollow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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  • B_G_

    IDK why niggas actin like Calicoe ain't 2-1 that nigga Lux cuz he did but that last verse from Lux was so cold it made niggas 4get about the 1s two rounds.

  • Anonymous

    hollow was shook at press conference showdown

  • Notheity

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  • bigfoot

    Hollow is gonna get tossed around like a tennis ball against Lux, Lux doesn't need a gimmick because his metaphorical flow will still capture the crowd and make Hollow's rebuttals seem like computer talk. Lux 2 - 1, all I hope for is a 3rd round classic

  • Steve

    Hollow gon get dat work

  • hood nigga

    arsonal almost made hollow cry when he battled him fuck hollow

  • Gdot

    Hollow is one of them niggas that can't lose. It's always gonna be debatable with his battles.

  • Anonymous

    Hollow the best doe

    • VegasChill

      Hollow is that dude. He is a great counterpuncher who can switch from orthodox to southpaw. With that said... this is my 1st time watching this battle. Lux is brilliant! The way he painted the picture in the 1st round with the Em 8 10, and Royce 5'9. To breaking down the trap that we as black people fall into, in the last round, showing Calicoe the big picture, still got me fucked up. This shit is gon be must see t.v.

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