Editor's Choice

“Is It Your Fault?” With J-Doe

Rapper/Entertainer J-Doe hits the streets of Hollywood to find out if fans are really supporting their favorite artists. Check out this hilarious new show.

Lyric Jones & Rogue Venom Make Wack Emcees “Stay Mad”

"Run your jewels, I'm proof mic killer, my LP fill rooms, no need for seat fillers..." Lyric Jones is a monster. Produced by DirtyDiggs.

EMPIRE: The Music Industry’s Quiet Giant

Over the past six years, EMPIRE's disrupted the modern music industry in a major way. Here's how they did it.

In My City: Denver (Episode 3)

We discuss how the legalization of recreational and medicinal marijuana has had a direct impact on Denver's Hip Hop scene.  

Martin Shkreli Plans To Bail-Out Bobby Shmurda

In this HipHopDX exclusive, the contentious pharmaceutical CEO who purchased Wu-Tang's "Once Upon A Time In Shaolin" explains his frustration with RZA, his advocacy for Action Bronson and own his rap aspirations.

Master P Dissects “Tru 2 Da Game,” Recalls Nearly Signing Eminem, Nas & T.I.

In this incredibly open conversation, Master P details creating "Tru 2 Da Game," his early relationship with Cash Money and explains why he was cut from the Charlotte Hornets.