Timbaland Says Missy Elliott's Album Is Finished, Hopes To Record Full-Length LP With Jay-Z

Timbaland also reveals that Lil Wayne and Rick Ross will appear on "Shock Value 3."

It's been over five years since Missy Elliott last released an album (2005's The Cookbook), but Timbaland assures that her upcoming seventh LP is in the can. During an extensive interview with Power 105’s The Breakfast Club, Tim explained that Missy had to get back in a mindset to be in artist mode and that it won’t be difficult for her to reclaim her relevance.

“We finished the album. I don't think it's the simple word of cold. It's called figuring your life out,” he said. “I think we only got one rapper that's a female. It's not about being cold or hot. It's about, am I ready to do it again? It comes with a lot of work. For a girl, you got makeup, styling...

“At the end of the day, females need more things,” he continued. “My thing is, are you ready? When Missy do it, she gives 130 percent. Having health issues, you've gotta be sure.”

Explaining that he’s “mentally ready” to team back up with Missy, Tim recalled the difficulties of putting out his Shock Value series and how record executives weren’t feeling his music. “I feel like I'm still the underdog. I feel like I don't get my just due,” he said. “Y'all didn't know how much I had to go through. You know how much fighting I had to go through to get my record to you?”

He also ran down his list of favorite current emcees, naming A$AP Rocky, 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy and Waka Flocka Flame. But he said that his dream is of recording a full-length album with frequent collaborator Jay-Z and how it would push him to his limits. 

“Jay cool. Jay’s a family man. My dream is to do a whole album with the dude. That’s my goal. I pray on that. I know what it could be,” he confessed. “Even if we didn’t put it out, it would be fun. It would push me somewhere I’ve never been as a producer. Since Jay had his child, I haven’t really talked to him lately. I sent him gifts for his daughter. When you’re married, it’s a different life. […] We went from a Range Rover to now. This dude is an icon.”

Tim also revealed that his upcoming album Shock Value 3, which he refers to as Ezekiel’s Will, will feature Lil Wayne and Rick Ross and that he hopes to record with Kanye West.

“It’s [Shock Value 3], but I call it Ezekiel’s Will. Meaning that Ezekiel in the Bible was the guy who got foretold the world the future, what’s going on and what happened. If people followed, they followed. If they didn’t, they didn’t. The reason I say that is because I’ve been through struggle in the game, and for me to be relevant and caring, I’m telling people, the music y’all listen to is terrible. Follow me. ‘I don’t know!’ Trust me. People are going to start making real music again.”

Watch the full interview below.

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  • LeBron James

    I can't wait for this . I absolutely love JayZ because of his skill . Timbaland should definitely work with HOVA !

  • 30,40,50,60,70sbabiesvs80s,90,2000,2010,2020

    Missy vs Nicki!!!!!!!!!!!Missy hasn't had a banger in a minute. Nicki winning right now!!!!!!!

  • insanemacbeth

    "Tim recalled the difficulties of putting out his Shock Value series and how record executives werent feeling his music. I feel like I'm still the underdog. I feel like I don't get my just due, he said. Y'all didn't know how much I had to go through. You know how much fighting I had to go through to get my record to you?" not really feelin' this post. you may have struggled fa reel, TIMBALAND...but you have arguably the most powerful exec in JIMMY IOVINE behind you. i'd love to have ONE meeting, with J.I.

  • remaste

    finally another Missy album

  • Anonymous

    if i was jay i wouldn't work with that fat fuck ever again. remember when the blueprint 3 dropped and all those songs leaked? who intentionally leaked them? and after that he said in an interview of course i aint give jay my best beats. who he saving them for magoo?

  • hova

    the next jay project will destroy everything on the market

  • hova

    mickey factz(roc nation)

  • Its Um

    Yea Timbo needs to work some the underground artist or the new signee, fuck these ghetto dumb asses that can't rap, they're just hype from street cred.

  • sun_god7@yahoo.com

    Timbo is paid. Jay is beyond paid. But why a full album with Jay when there are dope artists coming up that Timbo can actually help? Just sayin'.

  • Anonymous

    hey papi big pimpin nigga what nigga who dirt off your shoulder I mean the nigga made this classic with Jay

  • Anonymous

    say what you want about timbo, but dude is a legendary producer. he's done pop, hip-hop, r&b and got mutlitudes of classics

  • dentaldamboy

    The last thing hip-hop needs is a Jay-Z album. Blueprint 3 was straight pop. Jay-Z has no regard for his fan base. He wants to sell songs to middle-aged white men who pretend think they are cool because they listen to Hov. I understand if someone who isn't rich like Tyga or Big Sean make commercial songs for the money. But why does JZ do it? He's already rich...he doesn't need to move units. So it would make sense for him to go back to his roots instead of making songs like Young Forever, Off That, On to the Next and others. By making songs like that, Jay-Z is validating pop's takeover over hip hop. As a matter of fact, he should make another Takeover, this time talking about how real hip hop is lame and that pop music is the way to get money.


      Jay is 40 plus and wealthy, what kind of music do you expect him to make? I loved bp3, young forever is one of my favorite songs off the album. The problem with hip hop, is it's fans. Jay has been making music for 2 decades plus if u go back to the early years. I repeat, he is 40 plus. He and his music have evolved, it's time the fans do the same

    • YouSerious?

      What "Middle-Aged White Men" do you know listen to Off That, Real As it Gets, or basically any of the tracks off BP3? Jay-Z probably figures "Imma take care of myself and my people" first. Dude can do whatever he wants. Really you should be bitching that no upcoming rappers are out there taking over the game for the better, not about how Jay-Z is in cruise control after age 40.

  • Metronomes

    I love this conversation

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z is an all-time great but some of his worst songs were produced by Timbaland. Food for thought...

  • Anonymous

    god how much i hate this uglyass bald muthafucker

  • Anonymous

    timbaland and missy elliott? what is this 2001



  • Anonymous

    Jay the best ever. end of.

  • Anonymous

    i dont see jay being on board with that

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