Big Sean Speaks On Common & Nas Track, Future Collaborations

With his debut album on the way, the G.O.O.D. Music rapper discusses what's in motion elsewhere.

Big Sean has assembled a strong roster for his upcoming debut Finally Famous, enlisting Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and more. And while his collaboration with Nas and Common didn’t make the final cut, the Detroit, Michigan native explains that it will end up on his sophomore LP.

Speaking with Hot 106’s Rise & Grind Morning Show, Sean shared that Common is his favorite G.O.O.D. Music artist with whom to work and that they recorded a track with Esco. “I like Common,” he said. “I had some stuff with Common and Nas that we was going to put on this album, but we’re going to save it for the next one.”

He also revealed that he will appear on upcoming albums by DJ Khaled, New Boyz, Kelly Rowland and LMFAO. With his impending summer tour with Wiz Khalifa, he says that the two discussed doing a collaborative album.

“We ‘bout to put out some more music, too, together,” he said. “We was just talking yesterday, he was like, ‘We need to just do a whole album together.’ Who know? Maybe so. Def Jam’s gotta make it work.”

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  • bless the simple minded sheep!

    LOL@ the idiots believing that Nas is niggas are truly TMZ groupies. Like Nas stated, " how enormous is Nas' pockets is a pop quizz for gossipers." You niggas are too damn simple minded to know better. Nas forgives you in advance...HATERS!

  • NY

    Why would Nas & Common do a song with Big Sean in the first place, Big Sean is horrible, he's another Lil Wayne wanna be and Lil Wayne is already bad to begin with.

    • NY

      @LOL I know Nas did that and that's why I don't acknowledge those albums. I'm not saying only do songs with people from the 90's but put good people on the album not Lil Wayne, The Game, Will.I.Am, etc.)

    • NyNiggasSMH

      its cuz u from ny. typical ny nigga- "that nigga aint from ny? he trash. too commercial. we keep it street. niggas wanna hear gun bars nd hood shit like its the 90s." suck a ten foot dick bitch

    • Anonymous

      how is nas broke you ask? just ask kelis or the irs! divorce and child support, taxes.... spending 75K every month with 10k just on personal grooming? shit adds up

    • Philip Carpenter-Powell

      damn niggas been hatin on Big Sean lately. His last mixtape and recent singles hasn't really shown his full talent. Some good Big Sean songs (content wise): Memories, Who Knows, Million Dollars, Mind Playin Tricks On Me. While Big Sean isn't the best of the recent class of rappers, I think he has a unique style of his own and his flow is good most of the time.

    • r

      ^^^ How the fuck is Nas broke?? Check the facts and see how much each his albums have sold. Then come back

    • Anonymous

      You people need to shut the fuck up. There's bad underground and good mainstream music. Wakpe up, there's no such thing as 'real hip hop'. That's some stupid made up shit from people who feel better when they say it, it exists only in their imagination, hip hop fans are the most pathetic and praise rappers just because they're not known and don't care if he produces garbage music. Wayne impressed me and exceeded my expectations on Distant Relatives. I tell it like it is if it's good, it's good, no matter what the name is.

    • Anonymous

      Wayne is as bad as eminem right now but he was on distant relatives and did pretty well. Which is more than I can say for eminem on that detox song with nas. I stan nas but People need to cut out that "sold out" theme just because he does songs with people in mainstream. It's cool to like underground and cool to hate mainstream now a days. Most of these guys naming off all these underground rappers as their favourite MCs are sheep. Seriously if nas did a song with rakim nobody would say shit. Thing is rakim is horrible now. But If he does a song with lil Wayne or big Sean people bitch. Wayne might be bad now but two years ago he completely owned hip hop. Something I couldn't even say of nas, no matter if he kills Wayne in a track or not.

    • Anonymous

      nas is broke he will do a song with my little brother for enough $$$$$

    • LOL @ OP

      It's funny because Nas did a song WITH Lil Wayne on his Distant Relatives song last year. One thing I hate about Nas stans: they assume Nas only fuck with 90s rappers and yet makes many songs with today's pop acts: Keri Hilson, Will.I.Am, Chris Brown, The Game (mainstream "gangsta" rapper), etc. He praised Rick Ross, Drake and OFWGKTA.

    • Anonymous

      hes nothing like wayne

  • dr phil

    a nas and common song is too precious to put on a debut but im still heated it didnt make the album like kanye wit the track he had wit nas and banks it never got leaked.....

  • black ice

    interesting story. for decent tracks i made check em out here

  • DefBoy3

    ^^MyDaddy - Yea I kno rite, haters just wont die. Oh well, bip up to G.O.O.D Music! Keep comin up wit those bangers!

  • Anonymous

    how you gonna cut a nas track off your first album? this dude is even dumber than i thought and i already thought he was dumb as shit


      blame the record label, they call the shots.....its all about the $$$$ (for them at least)

  • unclesamie

    Wiz needs to go do an album with Spitta. Fuck Big Sean, a Spitta X Wiz Khalifa album would be the bomb.

    • Cage

      ^^^ I dont bump any of Wiz shit, but if he did do that, he just nominated himself for herb of the year.. What a fuckin soap opera

    • Anonymous

      they already did one, then wiz sold his soul, i hope it never happens now that wiz is a lame that tattoos bitches names on his hands and says she last girl he will ever be with,

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