It’s been a long road to the top for Big Sean, but now, after a host of hit mixtapes, the Detroit rapper is finally getting his chance at stardom this June 21st with Finally Famous: The Album. In a recent video interview, Sean discussed how he approached his G.O.O.D. Music debut and its latest single “I Do It.”

“Man, Finally Famous: The Album, I’m very excited about that shit,” he said. “You’ve got your whole life to work on your first album. All the stuff I’ve been through and all the stuff I’ve seen coming from the westside of Detroit, it’s unreal…What I’m proud of is that every song has its own life. Shit’s not the same, each song is different, especially the song ‘I Do It.’ I fucked with that because it is what it is; it’s not trying to be some other shit. It’s like a go hard song, like ‘Man, I do this shit. This is what I do,’ and I feel like that’s one of my taglines, so it was perfect for me. I feel like every great rapper [has a tagline]…so I feel like ‘I do it’ is that for me.”

Big Sean also discussed how he and producers No I.D. and the Legendary Traxster collaborated on “I Do It.” He explained that the title and concept came out of a cacthphrase that he threw around while in the studio with I.D. and Traxster.



“It was some real easy shit,” he explained. “I came through the stu[dio], and [the] motherfuckers hanging around me, and all I say is ‘Do it’ and ‘Boy,’ and all that silly shit…I kept saying that shit one day, and No I.D. was like, ‘Man, that’s the song.’ The next day I came in, the beat was done, and I was like, ‘Damn, y’all motherfuckers are really trying to do this’…’I Do It’ is definitely a song that has its own life, so I’m happy motherfuckers get to check it out.”

The full interview can be seen below.