After being invited to the White House for a poetry reading called “An Evening of Poetry,” Common was criticized and called “vile” by Fox News. The emcee received criticism for his lyrical content, specifically a poem he read on Def Poetry titled “A Letter to the Law,” a poem that features the line, “Burn a Bush because for peace he don’t push no button.”

The Chicago, Illinois MC’s criticism first came from the Daily Caller, which pointed out grammatical errors in his street slang. Next, Sarah Palin tweeted this information to her followers and Fox News referred to him as “vile” in a report. Common responded to the denouncements on his Twitter page, making light of the situation.

“An Evening of Poetry” will be streamed live from the White House on the Internet this evening, with President Obama scheduled to speak during the ceremony. Additional guests at the event include Jill Scott, Aimee Mann and Rita Dove.

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