HipHopDX Premiere: Prolific producer/musician Adrian Younge has surfaced with a new video for “Silhouette Dreams” featuring Voices Of Gemma (vocalists Brooke DeRosa and Rebecca Englehart).

The track is taken from Adrian Younge Presents … Voices Of Gemma, the inaugural release on Younge’s imprint Linear Labs.

Younge, who has collaborated with JAY-Z, Kendrick Lamar and Ghostface Killah in addition to composing the Luke Cage soundtrack, is preparing for his Jazz Is Dead gig in Los Angeles on March 28.

A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad, who co-wrote the Luke Cage score, is among the special guests.

Screen Shot 2018-03-07 at 9.42.09 PM

Check out the Adrian Younge Presents … Voices Of Gemma tracklist below ahead of its March 30 release date and “Silhouette Dreams” video above.

  1. Stranger By The Sea
  2. Silhouette Dreams
  3. Heaven’s Found
  4. Come Back
  5. The Leaves
  6. Dreams With You
  7. Unfortunate Breaks
  8. Starlights
  9. Chasing Love
  10. Make A Melody
  11. The Saddest Christmas Tree  (CD/LP bonus track)