C-Murder and Boosie Badazz’ collaborative project Penitentiary Chances is slated to arrive in April 2016. The first track, “Dear Supreme Court” will be released on Friday, March 18. iTunes preorder is currently available. View the cover art below.

Dear Supreme Court Cover from ablum -PEN CHANCES- April 2016

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, Boosie described Penitentiary Chances and discussed C-Murder’s current legal situation.

“I can’t say that [how C-Murder recorded music behind bars] because he’s in jail,” he said. “We made it happen. We recorded a CD called Penitentiary Chances. It’s basically what we were going through. His case is bullshit. I read his case and they have nothing on him, but he say, she say. He was tall with golds in his mouth. You know how many people are tall with golds in they mouth in New Orleans? No gunpowder residue on his hands. Bad case. He’s C-Murder and they made an example out of him. He’s been fighting for fourteen, fifteen years. He’s in a bad parish who hates him and had another case in Baton Rouge that they kept showing on the news that I feel his lawyers should have made sure it was never released to the public because that’s what got him convicted. The footage from Club Rags. He wasn’t even on trial for that. You showing this every time his trial comes up. To a jury, you just painted that picture. This has nothing to do with what happened at this bowling alley. He got the bad end. I think Master P is back on his team and they’re getting some people from the Shapiro Law Firm. We’re going to try to get him out and fight for him. I want to see him home. He was my cell partner for about two and a half years. When you that close to somebody for that long, he becomes like a brother. Y’all with each other every day, we worked together as our jobs were together. Both of us worked in the kitchen. I just want to see him home. Louisiana has a bad judicial system.”

In a separate interview, Silkk The Shocker discussed how the family plans to fight for C’s freedom.

“You ever notice every so often people pay for what they do,” he tells HipHopDX exclusively. “It might be years later, but what they’re doing to C-Murder I’ve never seen done before. That’s my brother so I don’t want people to think ‘Oh, that’s your brother…’ No, if my brother’s guilty, he gotta go do time. If somebody killed my brother, give them whatever. But he didn’t do it so you gotta let him out of jail eventually. If we keep pushing and fighting for him [he’ll get out]. But it comes a time where in a system judges get busted for taking bribes… They got people in Louisiana right now, judges who got busted for laundering and bribery. It’s gonna come a time where they’ve got to be seen for that. I think that it’s been happening for so long that all the prisoners where C’s at have been fighting with him because he’s the only person that can probably get it noticed. They’ve been doing this for years… They system, it has to break and I think C-Murder might be the one to do it.”