Saweetie is looking to make a splash with her long-awaited return to the music industry with two new projects, including her long-awaited debut album, Pretty Bitch Music.

The Bay Area native sat down with Rolling Stone, where she shed some light on her upcoming releases. According to Saweetie, her first project will be titled The Single Life and will focus on what’s been happening since her messy breakup with Quavo in 2021.

“I’m excited to share what I went through,” said Saweetie on The Single Life. “I think as I was making it, I was more proud to be single. Because I realized that I was growing, I realized that I was elevating. And I realized that I was becoming a better woman.”

She added: “It was definitely revolutionary. It was heartbreaking. It was honest. It was a reflection. It’s just me being Saweetie in full transparency.”

In the time she’s taken to prep the projects, Saweetie has been seeing musical breakthroughs. One of those was her songwriting skills which she said are more honest now.

“I realized that I wasn’t writing from an honest standpoint when I first started because I wasn’t that vulnerable. I was very closed off,” she said. “I was raised to be strong, to be tough and not show any weakness.”

She continued: “I feel like a lot of my [current] music is just honest. I think that my music has grown because of my vulnerability. I’ve accessed that part in my heart and in my mind.”

Saweetie Opens Up About Quavo Breakup, Says She Thought He Was ‘The One’

Saweetie Opens Up About Quavo Breakup, Says She Thought He Was ‘The One’

The Single Life is set to drop sometime this year and is slated to be her final project until she releases Pretty Bitch Music. The latter is supposed to come out this year, and although she didn’t give a release date for The Single Life, Saweetie made it clear the project will precede her debut album.

She also took time out to thank her fans for waiting on the release, especially when the album was initially supposed to drop in 2021.

“She’s coming,” Saweetie said. “She’s still in the womb, I haven’t popped her out. I want to thank my fans for patiently waiting. It’s been a year. It’s been a while. I’ve been recording officially for a year, non-stop.”

Saweetie’s last full-length project arrived in 2021 with Pretty Summer Playlist: Season 1, which featured collaborations with Bbyafricka, Kendra Jae, Lourdiz, Loui and the late Drakeo the Ruler.