Joe Budden has fired back at Peter Rosenberg after the Hot 97 radio host defended Logic after Budden called for his retirement in response to his Ice Cube cover.

Earlier this week, the Joe Budden Podcast host once again expressed his belief that Logic should join him in rap retirement after hearing his singing cover of Cube’s “It Was a Good Day.”

Springing to Logic’s defense, Rosenberg brought up the DMV rapper’s plethora of career accolades and argued that he doesn’t need to heed Budden’s advice.

“Logic has TWO Billboard Number 1 albums … 3 platinum albums, 1 gold album and a nearly diamond single .. sorry @JoeBudden — i love ya..and the ice cube cover was not a great choice .. but he has done way too well in music for you to tell him anything,” the Ebro in the Morning co-host tweeted on Thursday (March 9).

Budden hit back with a brutal comeback, comparing the success of his eponymous podcast to that of Rosenberg’s pioneering Juan Epstein show.

“Love you too Pete but by this ‘logic’, you shouldn’t be telling me anything about podcasting,” he quipped.

Logic Says Joe Budden's 'Words Make People Wanna Kill Themselves'

The former Slaughterhouse rapper’s rebuttal lit up Twitter, with many fans claiming he “cooked” the radio host.

“Joe up early cooking Rosenberg’s goofy ass for breakfast,” one person replied, while someone else wrote: “Someone post the Ja Morrant gun finger meme for me real quick i can’t find it.”

Peter Rosenberg and Joe Budden’s feud dates back to when the latter was still active as a rapper. During Budden’s 2016 Hot 97 interview that he walked out of, Rosenberg sought credit for setting the New Jersey native up with a studio to launch his podcast — which was called I’ll Name This Podcast Later at the time — but Budden refused.

“Peter’s not getting very much credit for helping a rapper find a studio,” Budden said.

As for Logic, he divided social media with his polarizing “It Was A Good Day” cover, which prompted Joe Budden to plead with him to hang up his mic.

“Logic, I beg of you, I’m pleading with you: please join me in retirement,” he said. “Never step near a recording device again! Throw your phone in the ocean! Be allergic to microphones! Promise your fans nothing! Don’t go to the studio ever again! You are the worst, yo! You are really, really bad!”