Logic has long admired Ice Cube and he put a twist on his fandom of the West Coast legend with an alternative cover of Cube’s 1992 anthem “It Was A Good Day.”

The Maryland native unleashed the polarizing cover on Monday (March 6), which finds him flanked by a pair of producers with guitars and a green screen playing the actual F. Gary Gray-directed music video from the Isley Brothers-sampling smash hit.

Logic put his harmonizing vocals to the test and the hypnotizing cover elicited strong reactions on both sides of the coin.

“He makes me dislike him more and more no one asked for this,” one person wrote while another added:This is different I mess with it.”

Logic jokingly adds to close out the clip: “It’s pretty authentic.”

Watch Logic’s cover below:

This is far from the first time that Logic has showed Ice Cube love. On his 2013 Young Sinatra: Welcome to Forever mixtape, he sampled “It Was A Good Day” for the “Saturday (Skit).”

While Ice Cube himself is yet to respond to the daring cover, Cube’s son, O’Shea Jackson Jr. chimed in and he respects Logic as a rapper but isn’t too fond of hearing him sing the same lyrics his father did about his mother.

“I respect logic,” he tweeted on Tuesday (March 7). “I think he can rap. And that’s all I really need. But bruh….if if ever hear you sing about my mother again… it’s gone be a misunderstanding lmaoooo!”

On the music side, Logic returned with his College Park album last month and the 17-track LP features assists from RZA, Bun B, Fat Trel, Redman, Joey Bada$$, Norah Jones and more.

Logic explained to SiriusXM that the meaning behind the title is based on a day in his life from the early stages of his career.

Logic To Hit The Road With Juicy J For 'College Park' Tour

Logic To Hit The Road With Juicy J For 'College Park' Tour

“It takes place in 2011,” he said. “And it’s a day in a life with me and my best friends. My boy C Dot Castro, who’s a fellow rapper… Big Lenbo, who let me stay in his basement… And then of course 6ix, my in-house producer… And it’s about all the shenanigans we get into in a day in the life, on the way from College Park to D.C. for an open mic night that I’m headlining.”

Find more reactions to Logic’s “It Was A Good Day” cover below.