In a video filmed for JoeBuddenTV backstage at Rock The Bells, rapper Joe Budden [click to read] officially apologized to Wu Tang’s Method Man for comments he made earlier this year.

Accompanied by rapper Mickey Factz, Joe Budden spoke for a little over four minutes on why he’s sorry for his actions.

“So [we] had a heart to heart…I really am sorry for the Method Man initial move,”
said Joe Budden. “When I say I’m apologizing it’s because Joe Budden is truly sorry about something Joe Budden did. And it was in bad taste.”

Although apologetic Budden also added that if his name is brought up anymore the “peace treaty” is over.

“Now, I’m done talking about the entire Method Man, Slaughterhouse, Wu-Tang, everything. Joe Budden is wiping his hands clean of it,”
explained Budden. “From this point forward if anyone of them nigga’s say something to me that I do not like or if anyone of them nigga’s say my name in a negative light the peace treaty is fucking over and the no comment movement is over man.”

The problems between Method Man and Joe Budden began when Budden questioned Method Man’s ranking in Vibe’s Best Rapper Alive tournament. Both rappers exchanged words and fellow Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck [click to read] even released a diss track entitled “House Nigga”.

Joe Budden and Slaughterhouse [click to listen] are currently touring with Rock The Bells.