Another war of words has erupted between rapper Joe Budden and a member of Hip Hop group Wu Tang Clan. This time Joe Budden is exchanging words with Wu Tang’s Inspectah Deck [click to read].

The trouble between Budden and Inspectah Deck began when Budden [click to listen] referred to Method Man’s ranking in Vibe magazine’s Best Rapper Alive tournament in a video blog.

“I love Method Man to death.. But he’s Number 9,”
Joe Budden asked in his video blog. “You mean to tell me if Method Man was standing in front of my face right this second and we had to rap back an’ forth, that Method Man would be the victor? Against me? Am I feeling myself ? Should I slow down?”

Most recently, Inspectah Deck released “House Nigga” [click to listen] a song that targets Joe Budden.

“I’m built like Optimus Prime you couldn’t see me with binoculars/ I’m way ahead of you obviously/ I’m better too Deck show ‘em how to properly rhyme/ He on mine like he didn’t see the property sign…This nigga life’s a publicity stunt,” Inspectah Deck raps.

Joe Budden
again returned to his video blog to speak on Inspectah Deck’s “House Nigga”.

“When I first heard the Inspectah Deck shit I thought it was weak but I said, ‘Aight I’m going to tear him up for fun’…While Inspectah Deck may be considered a legend for the one great verse he had in his 30 year career, it’s 2009…We’ll see how it all plays out,”
explained Budden. “We gotta see how it goes down when I get into the studio. He should be dissing RZA for not paying him.”

Joe Budden has yet to release a lyrical response to Inspectah Deck’s “House Nigga”.