The phenomenon that is Guitar Hero has been a dream come true for adolescents and adults alike who have had a hard time emulating their favorite rock stars in the real world. The makers of the extremely successful guitar game, Activision, are hoping they can do the same for DJ Hero.

According to, DJ Hero is tentatively scheduled for release next summer, with developers FreeStyleGames still hard at work on the game. The controller has been described as a simplified deejay deck, with three buttons for sampling and a cross fader included on the small platform that will likely be wireless.

Though the development of DJ Hero has run surprisingly well, Activision’s main obstacle has been the abundant amount of songs that feature samples, and licensing could put its premiere on hold. The wait may give a more satisfying result though, as Activision is looking to make DJ Hero and Guitar Hero compatible for game play.

HipHopDX will keep you posted on new developments for DJ Hero as the product is slowly unveiled.