Kodak Black has made it loud and clear how he feels about Latto’s “Big Energy” winning Song of the Year at the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards, but the 777 rapper is shrugging off the slander.

The Florida native — whose “Super Gremlin” hit was also up for the award — voiced his displeasure with the decision on Wednesday (October 5), firing off a disparaging Instagram post in which he called for a boycott of the awards show.

“Everyone Needa Boycott @Connieorlando & @BET !” he wrote next to a photo of BET’s EVP and Head of Programming Connie Orlando. “Y’all Lame Af & Y’all Not Really For The People Fr ! BET WATERED DOWN !!! Y’all So Lame And Out Of Touch ! Y’all Definitely Not A Creditable Show !!!

“I Called It Out A Few Weeks Ago ! Ain’t No Way They Gone Let No MF Kodak Win A Dam Award Even If The Card Is Right In Front Of Them ! The Whole Point Of Everything Was Bout Woman Empowerment ! The Females Been Crying All Year Bout It ! @connieorlando Gave All Females Awards If They Deserved It Or Not !”

Kodak clarified he’s all for female empowerment, but felt the organizers unfairly snubbed male artists like Drake and Future in the Song of the Year category. He also trashed Latto’s “Big Energy” and claimed GloRilla’s “F.N.F. (Let’s Go)” was a more deserving winner.

“The Woman Empowerment Shit Kool ! Don’t Take Nun From Nobody But You Still Gotta Work For It !” he continued. “Don’t Jus Simply Give It To Somebody Kuz They A Woman !!!!! If That’s The Case Y’all Shoulda Gave Song Of The Year To Glorilla Not That Hating Ass Mutt.

“Not Drake ! Not Future ! But Lache ???? Hell Nawl !!!! @Connieorlando Needs To B Fired !!! Dat Stupid Ass Song Ain’t Move Nobody ! Forget About Me At This Point ! AT LEAST ‘Fuck N-gga Free’ Was A Anthem ! Tf You Think ‘SONG OF THE YEAR’ Mean ????”

Kodak continued his rant on Instagram Live, where he took more shots at Latto and referred to her as “Cappuccino.”

He also name-dropped City Girls star Yung Miami, referring to her as “my cheeks before Diddy” and said he’s proud of her Caresha Please series winning Best Hip Hop Platform at the BET Hip Hop Awards. (The show was tied with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s Drink Champs.)

“Frappuccino, Cappuccino,” he said while laughing. “Why y’all ain’t make my shit tie with Cappuccino? But y’all made sure Caresha Please be a tie with Drink Champs [for Best Hip Hop Platform].

“I called this shit a few weeks ago, bro. You know my intuition. I ain’t say they were gonna give it to Drake or Future, or GloRilla. I called it out, I said, ‘Watch they get her.’ ‘Cause she did too much on this internet, homie. She ain’t clear my name up with that shit.”

Latto caught wind of Kodak’s remarks and responded in true “Big Energy” fashion. The 23-year-old posted a series of sassy photos on Instagram, including one of her flipping her middle finger to the camera. Her caption read: “#Frappuccino,” reclaiming Yak’s insult.

She added on Twitter: “What kinda Frappuccino I look like I taste like??? [tongue emoji].”

Kodak Black’s issues with Latto stem from comments she made earlier this year about a male collaborator being “difficult” to work with because she curved his advances. While she didn’t name names, some believed she was talking about Kodak, who appeared on her 777 album cut “Bussdown.”

“It’s a feature on my album that was difficult to clear,” Latto told radio host Big Boy in March. “They tryna drop they nuts on me because I won’t respond to a DM. We think like, ‘Oh, well that just comes with the game being a female rapper.’ No it shouldn’t, though. You know you ain’t doing that to your fellow male rappers!”

Kodak, who had spoken about demanding sex from female artists before working with them on The Breakfast Club the previous month, denied he was the “difficult” artist.

“That Mulatto Girl IS NOT Talkin Bout Me Homie,” he tweeted. “I See Y’all Steady Reachin Lol … Shawty Ain’t Even Say A N-gga Name On Dat Shit Ion Know Why Tf Y’all Tryna Make A N-gga Wear Dat Jacket I’m Too Fly Fa Dat Shit Homie.”

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Yak’s engineer, Dyryk, issued a more harshly-worded response to the rumors while shedding light on the backstory behind “Bussdown.”

“Let me fill you in on what this bullshit with @latto777 is all about,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories. “She asked for a feature a while back. We charged her our normal rate and she wanted a swap. Since her verse won’t really do anything for us, we asked for a swap for our female artist and charged her substantially less.

“She declined and said she was going to not use the record. Out of the blue she decided to accept a higher fee and still not offer a swap for our artist. Talk about empowering fellow female rapper.”

He added: “Now she’s on some bullshit that she was made uncomfortable And holding up your album? I know you’re not talking about us. You were on your diva shit when no one is getting in the car playing your records. You’re whole album had legal issues (I’m on the email chain) stop tryna pull this fictitious fueled empathy card for sales.

“You try to assassinate my brothers character, I’m gonna destroy yours. And that’s why she won’t say a name. She’s full of shit. She knows if she keeps things general and up for assumption she’s gonna get her pity party.”