The beginning of another week brings yet another appearance on a police blotter for DMX. The Associated Press reports X was arrested Saturday (July 18) on suspicion of giving a false name and Social Security number to local hospital to avoid paying medical expenses. It is not known what prompted X‘s visit to the Mayo Clinic, as medical reports are generally not made available to public for privacy reasons.

According to the AP report, DMX attempted to avoid the $7,500 bill from the Mayo Clinic by using the alias of Troy Smith as opposed to his birth name of Earl Simmons. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, whose office was already investigating DMX for a previous animal cruelty charge, said no bail had been set in the case yet. For those keeping score, that would be five arrests in the last three months. DMX has been arrested on June 23 [click to read], June 27 [click to read], May 7 and May 9 [click to read] and July 2 [click to read] and also has two outstanding warrants in the Phoenix area.