After a lot of speculation over who Nas would work with on his Nigger-turned-Untitled album, the final tracklisting was released late this week. Whereas Nas mentioned seeking MF DOOM for production [click to read], that seems to be the only rumored collaboration that was not actualized.

Seven year affiliate Salaam Remi [click to read] only got one placement in “You Can’t Stop Us Now” featuring members of The Stylistics and The Last Poets. The is the second time, after Common‘s Be [click to read] the latter rap/poetry pioneers appear on a mainstream Hip Hop release. It is Polow Da Don who earned the rights to the first single in “Hero” [click to listen] featuring Timbaland protege Keri Hilson.

Several of the same personnel used on Hip-Hop Is Dead [click to read] return for Untitled. Longtime Anthony Hamilton producer Mark Batson provides “Testify” while Ne-Yo and Beyonce hitmaker Stargate delivers “America.” New name producer J. Myers chimes in on “Ya’ll My Niggas” and assists Dustin Moore on “Breathe.”

Although Kanye West, and Dr. Dre do not appear on this album as they did the last, Nasir and company welcome superstar production in the form of DJ Toomp [click to read] on “N.I.G.G.E.R.” [click to listen]. Crossover success Mark Ronson signs in on the Busta Rhymes-assisted on “Fried Chicken” [click to listen]. The Game [click to read] reportedly joins Cool & Dre [click to read] behind the boards on “Make The World Go Round.” The song features the Compton rappers as well as superstar singer Chris Brown.

As promised, Erykah Badu protege Jay Electronica does produce on the album, as the intro record “Queens Get The Money.” After the The Nigger Tape, Nas did include DJ Green Lantern as a producer on “Black President” [click to listen]. “Project Roach,” also featuring The Last Poets, is produced by onetime “Flashing Lights” co-producer Eric Hudson [click to read].

The most prevalent producer on the album is from dead prez. This collaboration was announced earlier, but may shock some as it led to “Sly Fox,” “Untitled” and “We’re Not Alone.”

The album is presently billed for July 20 release on Def Jam Records.