YK Osiris has called out Tory Lanez for apparently laughing at his new single “Be My Girl,” which was released on Friday (July 22). The Florida artist took to his Instagram Stories on Sunday (July 24) to share a video message directed at Tory, which saw him voicing his disappointment but still giving him credit for his artistry.

“First of all, Tory, I just wanna say, you’re one of the G.O.A.T.s, n-gga,” he said. “I give you your flowers. You one of them ones, I look up to you for sure. Vocals are amazing, you can’t deny that. So let’s get it understood, what I don’t fuck with is you on one of my posts laughing and giggling at my art. I don’t fuck with shit like that. I was just in Vegas with you on some brother-brother shit, whatever you wanna call it. And that’s why I don’t fuck with a lot of n-ggas in the industry because you n-ggas fake. But I get it, ’cause a lot of shit I put on myself, so I get it.”

He continued, “But there are certain n-ggas I just expect things from. Like Tory, I fuck with you, like shit like that I don’t condone, because if you drop your music, I ain’t playing with you like that. I salute anything you do and I fuck with anything you do. So I just wanna say that, that’s all. There’s no animosities, none of that, it’s light. But sometimes you gotta let n-ggas know, that simple.”

YK Osiris previously wanted to take part in a boxing match with Tory Lanez after the Canadian artist mocked his fight with Lil Tjay.

“Aye Tory, don’t start that bruh!” Osiris said in May 2020. “I got my gloves. Let’s get in tomorrow. Don’t do that. Don’t do that right there, ‘cause you gon’ be the next victim my brother. Yeah.”

He added, “You know what, y’all? I want Tory Lanez. Y’all tell Tory Lanez wassup — I want to fight him. I want to put the gloves on, I want to get with him. Wassup? And don’t back down. You back down from me, man it’s a problem. Let’s do it.”

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YK Osiris collaborated with Tory Lanez on his “Worth It” remix alongside Ty Dolla $ign in 2019, appearing on his debut album The Golden Child. The song has over 10 million Spotify streams and a further nine million streams on YouTube.

Listen to “Be My Girl” below.