Atlanta, GA

Benzino will reportedly turn himself in to a fugitive squad on Monday (May 23). According to an interview with AllHipHop,the former Source publisher has a warrant for his arrest after he failed to show up for court following his 2020 arrest on one count of second-degree criminal damage and one count of disorderly conduct.

At the time, Benzino allegedly flew into a “jealous rage” and took it out on his ex Althea Eaton’s boyfriend and his truck. The incident occurred in Braselton, Georgia where Eaton was hanging out with the boyfriend.

The two men reportedly engaged in a brief shouting match after the couple returned from a walk around the neighborhood. Benzino was waiting for them at the man’s truck and approached the man in a “threatening and harassing manner.”

The confrontation was captured on video and re-posted online earlier this year. Benzino planned on going to court via Zoom shortly after his arrest but said he was sick with COVID-19 when the date rolled around.



“I was kind of arguing with the guy she was with at the time,” he explained. “Long story short, the case was like two years ago and somebody put that old video up and it got me kind of arguing with him […] So, I have to turn myself in on Monday to the fugitive squad.”

Benzino has had numerous run-ins with the law over the years. In 2015, he was arrested at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport after trying to board a plane with a loaded gun. Two years later, Georgia authorities executed a search warrant on his home and discovered 22 grams of THC oil gummies, six MDMA pills and less than an ounce of weed. He was arrested once again and charged with felony drug possession.

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Two years after that, the former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta personality was arrested for an outstanding warrant after he failed to show up to court for a traffic violation. In police body came footage of the original arrest, Benzino was furious at the police and questioned why he was getting a ticket.



“What is the fucking ticket for?” he screamed. “Can you tell me that? That’s the question! I need to know what the ticket’s for. Chill out for what? I’m in the fucking back seat of a cop car on some bullshit. This is some fucking crazy shit, man. Let me out! Let me out!” Revisit it below.