Jack Harlow has another hit on his hands with his latest single “First Class.” The song is becoming so popular that six-time NFL Super Bowl champion Tom Brady appears to have joined the Louisville, Kentucky rapper’s fan club.

On Wednesday (April 20), the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback took to TikTok and participated in the latest trend that’s running the numbers up for “First Class.” In the short clip — which has already racked up over 11 million views — Brady puts on his sunglasses and throws up hand signals as the Fergie-sampling song plays in the background.

Someone off-camera catches the 44-year-old NFL legend recording the video and asks him what’s he doing. Brady then scrambles to take his shades off and pretends like he wasn’t just recording a TikTok video. “Nothing,” he replies, hiding his embarassment. “Don’t worry about it.”

@tombrady This was kind of a wake up call to be honest. @Jack Harlow #firstclass ♬ original sound – Tom Brady

Earlier this week, Jack Harlow scored his first Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper as a lead artist with “First Class.” The smooth ballad samples Fergie and Ludacris’ 2007 smash “Glamorous,” which fuels the catchy hook of the record.

“First Class” generated some solid numbers on TikTok even before its official release. Harlow had teased the record on the app, causing it to go viral with people using the song in videos pushing for its release. The song was reportedly featured in 50,000 video creations before its release, and 440,000 in less than three weeks after.

Jack Harlow Celebrates First Solo No. 1 On Billboard Hot 100 With 'First Class'

Jack Harlow now has three songs that have taken off on TikTok, including “Whats Poppin” and his “Industry Baby” collaboration with Lil Nas X, which have been featured in 400,000 and 1.6 million video creations, respectively.