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The biggest moment of Kay Flock’s career is finally here, and Cardi B is making sure she’s living it up for him while he sits in jail. On Friday (April 15), the Bronx rappers unleashed the official music video for “Shake It (Remix)” after weeks of teasing fans with footage from the shoot.

Directed by Jochi Saca and Alex & Tristan Demic, the video finds Cardi mobbing out with Dougie B and Bory300 — who are also featured on the track — in various locations in the Bronx, such as the front of a corner store and an empty lot. Dougie and Bory open the track by rapping Kay Flock’s verse, but it’s Cardi B who steals the show with her aggressive lyrics, letting her opps know she ain’t to be played with.

“You on hots? Bitch, I’m on hots, too/I pull up to your window like drive-thru/Come with shower, bullets, no bridal/Put a tag in your head like a bayou (Bah)/Like, huh? (Like, huh?), like, what? (What?)/None of these bitches is tough/I’m with the shits and it give me a rush,” Cardi raps.

The Bardi Gang boss took the party to her Instagram Live shortly after the premiere of the video, where she gave props to the surging Bronx drill scene for carrying the torch that Brooklyn natives such as Pop Smoke and Fivio Foreign lit.



She also had words of advice for her borough’s rising stars, urging them to “get signed and get out” of the hood.

“Bronx drill is a little different. Bronx drill is a little bit more aggressive and on some G shit,” she said. “I know it’s a lot of smoke, I know how shit goes, but at the end of the day, do y’all music and get signed and get the fuck out the Bronx, because it’s only death and indictments out there. Get signed and then get the fuck out The Bronx.”

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Cardi continued, “I don’t give a fuck who you is, who you fuck, what shit you jacking. Get signed and get the fuck out. You know why I fuck with all of y’all? Because y’all getting the Bronx lit! Me and A Boogie, we became mainstream and everything, but you know there’s always a borough that they got shit going on. But right now, the Bronx really getting the shit muthafucking lit. So shoutout to all y’all little muthafucking drill rappers out there.”

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The “Up” rapper clearly enjoys every minute of this moment, especially after facing criticism for appearing in the “Shake It (Remix)” video. Some fans felt Cardi had no business linking up with the Bronx drill rappers, but she had to remind everyone that she’s no stranger to the street life in another IG Live back in March.



“If y’all see my videos ‘Red Bars,’ if you see my shit ‘Pull Up On Me,’ and y’all see how the fuck I did my shit, I always been doing videos like this,” she said.