Offset and Cardi B are madly in love, and when it comes to supporting one another, they both go above and beyond to show it. The “Up” rapper recently made a return to the music scene by turning back the clock to her Gangsta Bitch Music days, and Offset is loving every minute of it. 

Last month, Cardi B was seen filming a music video for the remix to New York drill rapper Kay Flock’s song “Shake It,” and fans were hit with nostalgia when she dyed her hair red with a paisley pattern design. In another clip, the leader of the Bardi Gang was turning up to the max when she was vibing alongside fellow NY rappers Dougie B and Bory300.

A snippet of Cardi’s verse found its way online, and fans couldn’t help but go crazy over how hard she sounded on the Elias Beatz-produced record. Offset caught wind of fans sharing the clip, and he gave his two cents to support his wife.    

“I love when wifey be on da GanGsta time…..remind them where u started from,” Offset tweeted in response.

Not everyone loved Cardi’s guest appearance on Kay Flock’s song. Some fans felt the Invasion of Privacy rapper was jumping on the drill wave for clout and failing to understand she’s always done songs and videos like “Shake It.”

Cardi B Debuts Blood-Red Hairstyle While Teasing Kay Flock Collaboration

“Let me tell y’all something, because I be trying to be nice and trying to keep peaceful, but y’all not going to keep fucking playing me,” Cardi said before showing text messages proving her Kay Flock collaboration has been in the works since February. “Look at the dates right here, you see that shit says February 25, that’s when Kay Flock manager sent me this.”

She continued, “If y’all see my videos ‘Red Bars,’ if you see my shit ‘Pull Up On Me,’ and y’all see how the fuck I did my shit, I always been doing videos like this.”