Atlanta, GA - 

Offset and Cardi B have splurged on each other plenty throughout their near five-year marriage but in some instances, the couple managed to leave a few pricey necklaces, pendants and rings behind. Luckily for the Hip Hop power couple, there’s at least one jeweler who keeps inventory of their purchases.

During a recent trip to the famed Icebox Diamonds and Watches store in his hometown of Atlanta, Offset sees several rings and chains he wants to add to his collection. The jeweler, known as Zahir, reveals nearly $150,000 worth of jewels which had slipped Offset’s mind was still in the store.

“I forgot about that shit, he was just telling me that!” Offset exclaims to the jeweler.

The jeweler reveals he has Offset’s Southside piece and some jewelry originally belonging to Cardi. According to Zahir, the couple left the items with him two Christmases ago ranging up to maybe “$250,000.”

Toward the end of the episode, Zahir brings out a pair of glasses which Offset takes a picture of and sounding like a man who knows his wife, he quickly affirms no matter what pair of glasses he purchases, they’re limited wear in his household.

“Women be liking big glasses but all [Cardi] gon’ do is wear them once,” he explained.

Icebox has been the go-to store for a number of rappers when visiting Atlanta including Lil Baby, Meek Mill, Swae Lee, Fabolous, T.I., Lil Uzi Vert and more.

Offset Showers Cardi B In Chanel Gifts: 'Aww, You So Sweet!'

Whether it be jewelry or money, Offset knows when to keep Cardi happy with gifts.

After spending a few days away from their Atlanta home, Offset returned with plenty of Chanel-related items for his superstar wife, including a white bag, two different pairs of red and blues slippers and a gold purse.

“Chanel will brighten your day, baybay,” he told her.