Bow Wow is a father who does what he can to take care of his family at this stage of his life. However, not everyone agrees with how he’s handling certain situations with his family.

On Thursday (April 7), Bow Wow’s ex-girlfriend Olivia Sky took to her Instagram Story with a plea for help. The former couple allegedly have a 1-year-old child together, Stone Moss, but the 35-year-old rapper has denied the baby for some time, and Sky was desperate for assistance.

The Instagram model was stricken with food poisoning and it kept her from tending to her child. In that situation, the ideal thing to do would be to let the father step in. However, it appears Bow Wow wants nothing to do with Sky.

“It sucks because I got food poisoning so bad… can’t be in mommy mode and throwing up everywhere,” she wrote. “Can’t even ask his daddy for help because I’m blocked. Never complain but I am today ….then gonna pray on it and let it go.”


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Sky then posted a video of her baby boy playing in her room with the caption, “Such a good boy tho it’s never no pressure.” Bow Wow has yet to respond to Olivia’s pleas for help, and he probably never will given the history he has with her.

The Beware of Dog rapper disowned Stone after Olivia Sky filed for child support. He had originally claimed the child in June 2021 by sharing photos of him from his first birthday party, but that didn’t last long as Bow Wow would continue denying Stone during a Twitter Q&A with fans in September.

Bow Wow 'Blessed' To Be A Father Of 2 After Court Confirms He Has 1-Year-Old Son

Things dramatically changed when a court ruled with Olivia Sky in October, confirming Bow Wow is the biological father of Stone. The rapper would go on social media and claim he’s happy to have another child while reacting to the court ruling.

“Such a blessing to have him in my life,” he wrote.