Lil Durk landed himself his first Billboard 200 No. 1 album as a solo artist in March with 7220, and now his show prices are reflecting his success — and then some. Taking to his Instagram Stories on Thursday (April 7), the Chicago rapper claimed he recently locked down a $500,000 deal for a performance.

“Just closed for 500k on a show that’s a w for the trenches,” he wrote alongside a photo of himself walking backstage, although he didn’t divulge any more details about the half a million-dollar concert.

A couple of posts later, Durk promoted Coi Leray’s debut album Trendsetter and claimed she deserves to move up to $100,000 per show.

“@coileray out now it’s up for her she need 100k a show,” he said.

During the week his The Voice album was released in December 2020, Lil Durk put himself among the biggest names in Hip Hop and announced he was charging $200,000 for shows.

“I need 200k a show now smurk top 3 out here,” he wrote on Twitter at the time.

Lil Durk recently appeared on the Full Send Podcast and revealed he charges $350,000 for a verse if there’s no relationship between him and the other artist.

“If I don’t know you, I ain’t going to lie, I gotta go $350,000,” he explained. “I got receipts. Listen, you gotta have receipts ’cause somebody can come up here and it’s just a lie to boost their sales, but we got receipts.”

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In the same interview, Lil Durk claimed he’s bigger than his “Laugh Now Cry Later” and “In the Bible” collaborator Drake “in the trenches.”

“Shit, to us, in this muthafucka, we bigger than [Drake], you know what I’m sayin?” he said. “To my people. We touch people. Drake’s at a rate where he can stay in the fucking house if he want to. But nah, shout out to him. He touched the youth. That’s one thing about him. He touched us and got us hotter than what the fuck we was but a lot of people can’t say that. Like a lot of these muthafuckas don’t even know him but a lot of people he talk to don’t me know. Like, that’s just what it is.”

He added, “And I’m in this muthafucka, middle of the trenches with a million dollars doing a fuckin’ interview, that’s why.”