Young Thug has become a fashion maven over the years with his eclectic style and risk-taking choices. When it comes to looking for the new hot pieces Young Thug has his eye on whatever is out there.

But there are times when creativity clashes and Young Thug gets his hands on an item before somebody else has dibs on it. West Coast rap star 24kGoldn recently told the story of how Young Thug got in the way of him purchasing a hoodie.

According to 24KGoldn, a store was holding onto a specific hoodie for him but for some reason an employee showed it to Young Thug and he ended up purchasing it.

“I ended up going to the studio with Thug and I told him I was like ‘I’m kind of upset with you right now.’ He was like ‘What?’,” 24KGoldn explained in a recent interview. “But he’s like ‘You could have it if you want. You could have it. It’s in the back room right there.’ But I was like damn I don’t want to just take this hoodie for free from Thugga. Like I would feel bad. Ever since that day I haven’t had a night without replaying that moment in my head before bed.”

He added by telling Thugga, “I’m sorry for rejecting your generous offer and I would like to make you a counter offer and purchase that hoodie from you for retail price so that we can both feel good about the transaction.”

Young Thug being so generous with 24KGoldn shouldn’t be a surprise to fans as he’s a notable gift-giver with his friends. In October 2021, Thugga went all out for Drake and 21 Savage on their birthdays.

Young Thug Showers Drake & 21 Savage With Insane Birthday Gifts

The Savage Mode II rapper received a custom Ram 1500 TRX at his Freaknik-inspired birthday party in Atlanta. The truck was decorated in a red gloss finish with 21 Savage’s knife logo stamped all over.

Meanwhile, Drake was gifted a diamond-encrusted chain made by the famed jeweler Elliot Eliantte. The iced-out piece boasts the OVO owl drenched in yellow and white diamonds, with a picture of Drake and his four-year-old son Adonis on the back of the pendant.