T.I. has gone up for numerous causes over the years, from his boycott of Gucci which Jim Jones may now ride for, Black Lives Matter and others. Following comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan apologizing for his use of the word “n-gga” and seeing over 100 episodes of his The Joe Rogan Experience pulled from Spotify, Tip took aim not only at Rogan but enablers of individuals who say “n-gga” with no real consequence.

“N-ggas don’t really care, for real,” he told comedian Donell Rawlings during a recent interview. “I ain’t gon’ lie to you, like, you can call the community of Black people’ n-ggas’ as long as you send them a check.

“You know what I’m sayin’? Muthafuckas will sell — they’ll sell a little bit of they ego. Little bit for sale. They might not wanna do it in front of everybody but nobody really give a fuck like that, for real.”

Tip’s comments regarding Rogan and explaining them to Rawlings come after Rawlings himself seemingly came to bat for Rogan over his previous use of the “n-word” being compiled into a near seven-minute compilation and shared on social media.

“If you dug threw a comedians words and jokes from the past 20 years we all would be canceled,” he tweeted on February 5.

Rawlings didn’t specify if he was referring to Rogan’s controversy or comedy in general – a fraternity T.I. has joined quickly.

Initially taking comedy up as a hobby to start 2022, the self-proclaimed King of the South has become a fixture at comedy clubs across the country. During a recent set at the famed Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, Tip joked about a woman’s breast augmentation surgery to howling laughter from the audience.

“If you got saggy titties you don’t need to go get no operation, you don’t need to get no surgery,” he said. “Get a n-gga with some long arms so he can hit the muthafucker before they God damn hit the ground. You just gotta make better decisions.”