Akademiks has acquired a load of money with his infamous platform as we’ve seen him purchase luxury cars and even heard him rant about his success and how much coin he’s acquired over the years. However, someone tried to come at him for being “broke” when one of his credit cards got declined.

Footage of the incident hit social media on Wednesday (February 2), where a woman recorded Akademiks trying to pay for something in a hotel lobby of some sort. It seems the woman was rolling with Akademiks and a friend and proceeded to call him broke for not covering whatever it was he was paying for.

“N-ggas really be fucking broke as fuck,” the woman said in the video while Akademiks attempts to swipe his card. “Like no never again, never ever ever again, if you know what I’m saying.”

While the comment section was buzzing under TheNeighborhoodTalks repost of the video, Joe Budden slid through to defend his fellow podcaster.



“Lmao … last thing that man is is broke… but it’s still funny,” Joe Budden commented.

Joe has been having a busy month lately with the recent comments he’s made on his podcast about his fellow peers. He kicked off the month of January dragging Earl Sweatshirt’s new album Sick! while also claiming Kanye West’s Donda 2 would be “toxic shit.”

One of the biggest statements he made was against Cardi B and how she manages her time. Cardi didn’t take his comments lightly and responded with a video clapping back at Joe and other critics who had something to say about her.



Cardi B Claps Back At Joe Budden Over 'Lazy Bitch' Suggestion: 'Nobody Is Overworking Me'

“I heard something about me and I don’t like that. I don’t know why muthafuckers assuming shit about me, and I really don’t muthafucking like that,” Cardi said. “I’m hearing, right, that a little bird was talking about me and practically was saying that I’m not doing anything because I don’t have an album out and all that shit.”

She added, “It’s like, listen, if y’all want an album from me, you can just say that, but what y’all not gonna muthafucking say about me or make me look like is I’m a lazy bitch because no bitch right now, nobody is overworking me.”