The Joe Budden Podcast with Rory and Mal imploded in May after the show’s namesake fired Rory during Episode 437.

“Somehow he still feels he’s running the show,” he said at the time. “He still feels like he has choices and options. He feels like he’s entitled to more. Rory, you are in breach of your contract and from this point forward, you are fired! And you’re not welcome back.”

As the popular podcast fell apart, Rory and Mal picked up the pieces and signed a lucrative deal with SiriusXM’s Stitcher, while Budden continued what he started with two new hosts. Despite Budden’s tumultuous year, The Joe Budden Podcast still wound up with some impressive statistics. According to a Twitter post from TheJBP account, the show received over two million plays per week for a total of 104,000,000 plays in 2021.

The Joe Budden Podcast has endured quite the roller coaster ride over the past couple of years. A week after the public ousting, Budden issued an apology during Episode 438.



“Seeing all of this feedback and all this —I do need to apologize to Rory, as well,” he said around the 55:45-minute mark. “Maybe Rory and Mal, too, but definitely Rory … things sound a lot spicier in the go-out. Ever since that last pod, I’ve just been having like pictures in my head of every moment that me and the guys have ever had together. When I say I didn’t ask you to do shit for me — ‘cause I don’t ask y’all to do shit for me but that’s a man thing to me.

“You just don’t ask men too much shit but when I said I didn’t ask you to do something, it don’t mean I’m not appreciative. It don’t mean I’m not grateful. It just means I never asked.”

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Mal soon returned with a rebuttal and explained he thinks Budden credits his former rap career for the podcast’s popularity.



“I feel like Joe feels like a lot of the success of this podcast is based over his music career,” Mal said. “And my thing is, it’s not. I been in some of these cities when you were a rapper, Joe. … This many people weren’t showing up for you.”

Whatever the case, Budden evidently still has plenty of people interested in what he has to say. Find the latest episode below.