Cardi B’s last album, Invasion of Privacy, dropped in April 2018, and since that time, she’s been adding on to her résumé with several business ventures. She’s managed to maintain her popularity with only one album but people like Joe Budden are criticizing her for the long wait.

The Bronx rap superstar took to Instagram Live recently to address people who have something to say about how she spends her time. According to Cardi, people should mind their business and let her rock because she manages her time how she sees fit.

“I heard something about me and I don’t like that. I don’t know why muthafuckers assuming shit about me, and I really don’t muthafucking like that. I’m hearing, right, that a little bird was talking about me and practically was saying that I’m not doing anything because I don’t have an album out and all that shit,” Cardi said. “It’s like, listen, if y’all want an album from me, you can just say that, but what y’all not gonna muthafucking say about me or make me look like is I’m a lazy bitch because no bitch right now, nobody is overworking me.”

She added, “Right now, what I’m doing is, is setting up for my muthafucking future so I won’t have to muthafucking work hard, work as hard as that comes. I have a lot of business ventures.”

This whole situation started after Joe Budden felt the need to criticize Cardi for having nothing but all the time in the world to do whatever she wanted. Fans didn’t feel Budden meant wrong by his statements, but Cardi wasn’t buying it.

“I have mad time because I’m not doing an album, and I have all the money in the world, so much so, you see me every month trying to give it away,” Budden said on his podcast, speaking as Cardi. “I’m giving Offset money, I’m buying a house over here, a house over here, I’m paying for funerals.”

Last summer, Joe Budden spoke on Cardi’s highly-anticipated sophomore album on episode 451 of The Joe Budden Podcast and prophesied the “Up” rapper was probably done dropping albums.

Cardi B Outlines Plans For Album No. 2 Following Joe Budden Prediction

“Let me tell you, y’all are never getting a Cardi album again,” Budden said around the 6:10 minute-mark. “Let me tell y’all something. Cardi was broke, not real broke but her broke when that first album came and Offset was there.

“Remember y’all audience was making it a big deal she was with Offset? Y’all did that. See, the audience is so phony and so fucking fickle, y’all said that. And now look. It’s Cardi, independent of her husband that she’s still there with.”